How is Justin Thomas preparing for the tour? We found out

How is Justin Thomas preparing for the tour?

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sYou might rush to a tee chomping on bread with three minutes to spare and no time to hit the range balls. As for the pluses, not so much. Here’s how Justin Thomas warmed up during one of the championship rounds in February. Take notes, there is a lot we can learn from how the pros practice.

Justin Thomas warm up

when: February 10 2022
where: WM Phoenix Open

11 am JT reaches the green setting. Use sunscreen. He rolls six feet on a pose mirror, then transitions to a trio of gated drills.

11:10 am It hits a few long delays across the green, then three random 15-footers followed by a couple 30 feet long.

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11:19 am Heading to the short games area. He hits 35 yards on the courts, then moves to a 20-yard target, then 15 yards and finally experiences some jumping and stopping.

11:25 AM Hit a few green bunkers.

11:29 AM Heading into the range. He sets up TrackMan and starts hitting easy wedges, working his way up to full swings.

11:59 AM The range time has expired. Returns to green mode, phone in hand.

12:01 PM Puts in random holes, chat with Ricky Fowler.

12:03 pm Heading to tee one at 12:13 p.m. tee time. On arrival two reserve groups are welcomed. Weft.

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