Grizzlies vs.Wolves Score, Fast Food: Karl-Anthony Towns Huge Rebound Effort Helps Minnesota Even in a Series

The Minnesota Timberwolves tied in the first round against the Memphis Grizzlies with a nerve-wracking, 119-118, Game 4 win in Minneapolis Saturday night. The series will now move back to Memphis with all things squared at 2-2.

Karl-Anthony Towns was the story of Game 4, making up for a disappointing effort in the previous game by putting together 33 points and 14 rebounds in an 8-for-17 shootout, while advancing 14 of 17 from the free throw line. Anthony Edwards returned from a short injury in the first quarter to put 24 points in a 4-for-8 3-point shot.

Desmond kept Memphis afloat for much of the evening as several Grizzlies tackled a foul issue, finishing the game with 34 points in an 8-for-12 shootout. Dillon Brooks added 24 points, while Ja Morant struggled off the field most of the night, but finished with 11 points, 15 assists and eight rebounds.

Here are some tips from Saturday’s game, along with a summary of our live updates.

Towns are getting stronger

Virtually no star in these playoffs has come under the same amount of criticism as Towns after his baffling performance in Game 3, scoring only eight points in four attempts to hit the field while making five fouls. He needed to respond on Saturday, and boy, did he ever do that.

Cities aggressively exited the jump, refusing to give in to the jumpers and get into the fairway to pull free throws. Wolverhampton coach Chris Finch said afterwards that Towns played “angry and loose”. The most free throws Towns attempted in a playoff was eight, and he doubled that in game four.

Those calorie numbers weren’t empty either, as Towns did a lot of damage to them late after the Grizzlies’ return. He scored 13 points in the last quarter of 4 of 5 field goals, and made two free throws with 4.4 seconds left.

The Timberwolves should be pleased with the performance they got from their superstar on Saturday, and it could provide the team with some momentum as they return to Memphis for Game 5.

hard night for

With a playoff entry averaging 27.8 points, Morant looked baffled most evenings when it came to committing his own attack. He did a great job facilitating with 15 assists, but the lanes he would normally find toward the basket weren’t often there, and when he got to the edge, he struggled to finish the MN sports and length.

“I’m not Ga now,” Morante He said after the match. “I don’t play over the edge.”

On top of his difficulties scoring, Morant was also saddled with serious problems most of the night, playing just 33 minutes (he played 40 minutes in Match 3). He was also relentlessly attacked by the wolves on the other end, as they did in most series, which drained Morant’s energy and created lewd problems.

Like Towns, Morant will be looking to bounce back in front of his home crowd in Game 5.

JMac out of nowhere

We’ve seen that over and over in the playoffs. You represent the stars, but there’s usually one or two players in each game that makes the difference. On Saturday this player was a reserve for Timberwolves guard Jordan McLaughlin, who scored 16 points in a 4-for-4 shot of 3 in just 14 minutes. His buckets came in big moments too, like this last 3-pointer quarter after the Grizzlies cut the five-point lead.

It’s no secret that Minnesota relies on its three stars – Towns, Edwards and D’Angelo Russell – for the bulk of its scoring, but major contributions have come from the bench throughout the year. In a game close to Saturday night’s game, McLaughlin’s 16 points were crucial.

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