The Cincinnati Reds lost their 11-game losing streak behind Nick Ludlow’s first major league win

Cincinnati – The Reds ended their 11-game losing streak, their longest in six years, as they jumped to the top in the first half and beat the St. Louis Cardinals 4-1 on Sunday as first-round pick Nick Ludlow took his first game for him. Big win in the league.

Colin Moran has led two races for the Reds, who have been 0-4 at home this year and have not won anywhere since April 10 in world champions Atlanta. Cincinnati was outperformed 68-20 during the slide.

Reds manager David Bale said: “There was a lot of celebration today. It was obviously a huge win. You can see it weighs the guys down, really for the first time. I was worried it might affect us, then they bounced back today. When we were in Much needed Nick took his first win. Throwing hits, he had all his pitches working. It was a great day for him. It’s something we can take on our day off and build on.”

The win made the Reds in the Major League – the worst 3-13.

Tyler Naquin doubled in the second court from Adam Wainwright (2-2), who walked past Tommy Pham and Joe Foto by one. Moran hit the sacrifice fly and was followed by Nick Seinel with his RBI single.

Alejo Lopez singled out for second place and scored a goal for the RBI team of Naquin to advance 3-0.

Ludulu (1-2), the 24-year-old left-hander, who was named seventh in the 2019 Amateur Draft, made his third start in the league. He allowed three hits, hit seven and walked nothing into the 5⅓ closing innings before Paul Goldschmidt and Tyler O’Neal scored two consecutive doubles in the sixth. Ludlow retired from Nolan Arenado on a trip abroad, and Tony Santillan directed Albert Pujols.

“Nine bats on her right hand with a team of this caliber feel really good, especially after the slip we went through,” Ludlow said.

Ludulu has 15 strikes in a 10-degree round over his last two matches.

Echoing a question, he said, “First league win? It’s good. It was great, especially the slip we were on. It’s good to get the win. It was a good celebration. I won’t talk much about it, but it was so much fun.”

Santillan and Art Warren combined in the 2⅓ closing innings, and Lucas Sims provided the perfect ninth for his first save of the season.

Arenado went 0 for 4, ending his hitter streak at Great American Ball Park in 18 games, a field record.

The Reds avoided their longest losing streak since dropping 13 times in a row in 2015.

Pham scored two runs and had a two-stroke, ending the 0-for-10 segment.

Wainwright (2-2) allowed four runs, eight hits and three walks in five innings, and the Cardinals finished the run 6-4. Moran Wainwright chased after the RBI song at number six.

Wainwright said, “They spat at every close throw. They didn’t swing any of them. They didn’t swing anything within an inch of the board. I think they had a good plan with me.”

The batter reached the lead in five of the six innings that Wainwright started.

He said, “This is not a good plan. This is not sustainable.”

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