Zdeno Chara hits Andrei Svechnikov and then tries to fight the entire Carolina Hurricanes roster

Defender of the New Yorkers and a legend of Washington Capitals Zdeno Chara He is one of the most intimidating and imposing players in the history of the National Hockey League. You don’t want to mess with him when he’s angry.

That was abundantly clear in Sunday’s game between the Carolinas and the Hurricanes.

Prior to the above clash, the senior Slovak took part in a corner fight with Kanis striker Andrei Svichnikov. Chara planted the young Russian on the ice with a blow that angered Max Dumy. Domi got involved in a bit of a wand war before the whistle went off and we got a raging chara trying to find a warrior on the entire Canes roster.

Nobody is obligated.

A reminder that this is the same Chara who was so intimidating during matches that former teammate David Pastrnak was too afraid to talk to him when the Bruins matched the Capitals during Chara’s short spell in DC.

“He was obviously great memories and we all miss Z and we all know how professional and a leader he was,” Pasternak said. “He’s cool, but at the same time, it’s crazy to play against him, you know? I’m so scared to talk to him on the ice because I know he’s in the game that I like it, we speak the same language, but I just set up calm next to him in the confrontation.” So, I just let him focus, it’s weird.”

The saying goes, “Tink with a bull, you get the horns,” and hurricanes seem to have made several very good business decisions.

Screenshot via MSG Network

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