MLB Power Rankings for 2022 Week 3

Sure, it’s still early days. There are still more than five months left of the regular season and a lot could change between now and October. But while divisional titles, league crests and world championships weren’t won in April, it’s certainly a good idea to start hot.

So let’s take a look at the third edition of the Power Rankings for the 2022 season, which features an under-redistribution of the top two teams from last week, as well as a few notable jumps and downs.

Here’s how our voters rank the 30 clubs, from top to bottom:

Biggest jump: The Cardinals, Mariners and Rockies each jumped five places over the past week — St. Louis moved from 10th to 5th, Seattle moved from 15th to 10th, and Colorado slipped to the old position in Seattle at No. 15 of No. 20. The cards went 4-2 last week, while the Mariners won five out of six, including a sweep of the Royals over the weekend at T-Mobile Park. The Rockies continued their surprise start with a 4-2 transition during the week, improving their road record to 4-1 thanks to a series victory in Detroit—for reference, Colorado didn’t win four of their road games last season until May. 30.

biggest drop: The White Sox had a rough week, to put it mildly, losing in six games and losing footballer Eloy Jiménez to injury for six to eight weeks. After surveys by divisional competitors Cleveland and Minnesota, the Sox dropped from third place in our survey last week to 13th in the latest rankings. They return to Chicago for what they hope will be a successful seven-game home run starting Tuesday.

1) Dodgers (last week: 1)
Since dropping two of three to the Rockies of Denver to open the season, the Dodgers have had wins in 10 of 12 games. Thanks to a 10-2 win over the Padres in San Diego on Sunday night, the Dodgers maintained a better MLB lead of +44. How do you get to the top of our list? ERA definitely helps the MLB-best 2.22 team. And Cody Bellinger strikes again at the end, too.

2) Blue Jays (2)
Jays dropped a heart-wrenching in extra innings against the Astros in Houston on Sunday, breaking the tie 6-6 at the top of the 10th inning, but was lost in the first leg by Jeremy Pena a few minutes later. Toronto is in the middle of a challenging time period – four with the Red Sox, three with the Astros and three with the Yankees in the next home, followed by a road trip to play The Guardians, Yankees and Rays. However, the Jays are one of the most exciting teams in the game and a modern choice to win the AL this year, and they went 4-2 last week to maintain their spot at the top of the AL East with the Yanks.

3) Mets (5)
After jumping seven places from their pre-season rankings with a solid season opener, the Mets continue to climb thanks to five wins in seven games last week. Every day that passes with the Mets in good shape is a day closer to Jacob deGrom’s potential return. If they can play baseball well over the next few weeks, they will have averted a potential disaster with their Ace on the shelf. Spin start era so far: 2.46, even without deGrom.

4) giants (7)
The Giants completed their seven-game East Coast run last week by scoring 4-3. They will take it all day. They didn’t have a great time in New York, dropping three of the fours to the Mets, but they thoroughly enjoyed their stay in our nation’s capital, sweeping the Nationals while outsmarting Washington, 24-6.

5) Cardinals (10)
Sunday was an uncharacteristic day for the cards – they lost first. And secondly, Nolan Arenado didn’t get an injury. Even with the 4-1 loss to the Reds in Cincinnati, St. Louis led 4-2 over the past week and Arenado continued his strong start to the season on the plate – the third star hit 0.333 with Homer. for the week before going to 0 vs 4 on Sunday. It’s still entering the new week in the 1.154 OPS game.

Rest of field 30:

6. Rays (8)
7. Yankees (6)
8. Padres (9)
9. Beer makers (12)
10. Mariners (15)
11. Braves (11)
12. Astros (4)
13. White Sox (3)
14. Red Sox (13)
15. Rockies (20)
16. Guardians (14)
17. Angels 18
18. Phyllis (16)
19. Tiger (17)
20- CAPS (21)
21. Marlins (22)
22 Twins 19.
23- Athletics 23.
24. Royals (25).
25. Pirate 27.
26. Wav (24).
27. Rangers 26.
28. Orioles (30).
29. D-backs (29).
30. Reds (28).

Voters: Alison Vouter, Anthony Castrovins, Paul Casella, Marc Vinsand, Natalie Alonso, Mike Petrillo, Sarah Lang, Andrew Simon, David Fein, Brett Blows

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