Will Green Bay Packers Finally Forge a Wide Receiver?

with 2022 NFL Project A few days later, news and rumors come from all sides. Here’s what we hear as the world prepares for one of the most prestigious events in the NFL this year.

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Some unexpected names climb the 2022 NFL draft boards

I’ve reported several times that no team I’ve spoken to has a first-round score Tyler Linderbaum. The Iowa rookies could still end up in the bottom half of the first round, but that job is made more difficult by the other centers getting very high scores from the NFL teams.

Cameron Jurgens The Nebraska is moving up the boards more quickly than any position in the draft, and could end up in the first part of the second round. Jurgens are larger than Linderbaum and have better growth potential, along with two inch longer arms. It also comes with better positional versatility, as Jurgens can line up guard and center while Linderbaum is seen as only center.

Jurgens is as athletic as Linderbaum, timing 4.92 at 40 at Combine with an exceptional 10-yard split of 1.71. Linderbaum timed 4.98 and also had a 1.71 10-yard split during his professional day. The only test event in which Linderbaum had a decisive advantage was the short shuttle, timing 4.39 to 4.49 for Jurgens, both great marks.

I always felt that Jurgens on day two was much better than Linderbaum on round one. So where do the Nebraska juniors end up? Sources say Jurgens didn’t pass the Philadelphia Eagles’ 51st pick at the latest. The Baltimore Ravens showed a lot of interest in Jurgens, and their selection in the second round – the 45th of the draft – made a lot of sense.

Earlier in the tour, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Houston Texans, the New York Giants and the Chicago Bears were all showing a strong interest in Jurgens.

Cole Strange will not be eliminated from the third round

Another center that makes large charging plates is Cool String Tennessee Chattanooga. Strange spent most of his college career guarding and attacking tackle before playing for a position during the week of the Senior Bowl. He can sneak into the last bit of the second round and won’t get out of the third round. Travel weird to see Tampa Bay Bucs in the top 30 visits.

He also had private meetings and rehearsal for the Cincinnati Bengals. Both teams are the ones to watch as the second round wraps up. The New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks showed a lot of interest in Strange and could target him at the top of the third round.

look fortuner Kentucky and Dylan Parham From Memphis Complete the following set of positions that rank as potential Day Two choices.

Zion Johnson lock to go in the first round

One of the expected positions who will not be able to get out of the first round is Zion Johnson. The Boston College producer is another product that has moved draft boards quickly over the past eight months. After a great, great season, Johnson was another person who had an amazing week coaching Senior Ball.

The multiplicity of placements is an additional attraction for Johnson’s game. He played well on the left tackle and guard for Boston College and showed plenty of ability in the center during Senior Ball. I was told the Green Bay Packers (with one of their picks in the first round), the Dallas Cowboys, and the Tampa Bay Bucs are the teams to watch as the first round wraps up. The feeling is that the team that selects Johnson will use him as a guard early in his career in hopes of developing him into a position.

Packer looking to add a wide receiver

Will this be the year the Green Bay Packers finally craft a wide receiver? I was told yes – if a highly ranked player in the position fell into his arms with one of his picks in the first round. Otherwise, sources say they expect the Packers to trade off the first round and look for a receiver later in the draft.

How deep is the future site? Currently, the 19-22 Broad is expected to be picked in the draft by the time the fifth round is over.

The latest in Baker Mayfield

The feeling in the league is that Baker Mayfield will be traded on the second or third day of the draft. The favorites always mentioned are the Carolina Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks, as Trey Wingo and I spoke last Tuesday during Project Insider. If the Seahawks return to the bottom of the first round for a signal caller, as I reported on Friday, they will be eliminated from the Mayfield sweepstakes.

Sources confirm what I have mentioned several times with Trey. Brown will have to pay a large portion of Mayfield’s contract in 2022 after he trades it. As one source told me, Brown will essentially buy a draft pick.

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