Eagles News: Jalen Hurts works with AJ Brown amid trade rumors

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Galen Hurts throws AJ Brown amid commercial speculation this weekend before Eagles offseason exercises – CBS Sports
The Philadelphia Eagles were in the market for a widespread reception in the off-season, yet the fruits of their labor only brought Zac Pascal. There are still wide receivers available, especially players from the 2019 draft who are seeking profitable stretches in resetting the broad receiver market – whether with their own team or with another. That’s where AJ Brown enters the picture. The Tennessee Titans and the Browns appear to be deadlocked in contract negotiations, with Depo Samuel leaking that the Giants won’t raise their $20 million-a-year offer to Brown – who could get more by resetting the vast receiver market. Both Samuel and Brown are represented by the same client (Tori Dandy), so there’s more than just words coming out of Samuel’s mouth. Days before the Eagles were set to start off-season training, Brown was seen catching assists from the Eagles’ Galen Hurts last weekend. Does that mean anything about Philadelphia as a potential trading destination for Brown (if he wants to trade)?

Titans general manager John Robinson “doesn’t expect” team trading AJ Brown – Music City Miracles
Tennessee Titans general manager John Robinson and coach Mike Frabel held an initial pressing session on Thursday afternoon. There were many topics worth discussing and interesting anecdotes. Robinson spoke at length regarding the rapidly approaching 2022 NFL Draft, but in a typical fashion, revealed very little as to which direction the team could take the 26th overall pick. As expected, the topic of AJ Brown surfaced fairly quickly. Brown did not attend Phase 1 of the Tennessee State Volunteer Off-Season Training Program earlier this week. Brown and his agent are looking for a new contract. Brown is set to enter the fourth and final year of his four-year junior contract. He’s set to earn less than $4 million in 2022, which is clearly much less than he’s worth. Reporters asked Robinson if he would be willing to trade with AJ Brown. “I don’t expect that to happen,” the chief decision maker in Tennessee quickly replied.

NFL Draft Rumors: The Eagles ‘notably make calls’ about trading – BGN
How far can eagles move? Howie Roseman has a history of jumping over some picks to get a guy he really wants. See: DeVonta Smith last year, Andre Dillard in 2019, Fletcher Cox in 2012. Speculation about this possibility isn’t incredibly exciting because it would be about securing the Eagles for a player they were hoping to drop to 15th, like Jameson Williams or Jordan Davis. By contrast, trading in the top ten is very interesting. It looks like Ahmed Gardner will be gone long ago when he’s within Philly’s range. But if it happened for some reason? This will be one to watch. Derek Stingley, Jr. has some red flags that make targeting him in an upward deal more complicated, but the birds may be swayed by his potential. Trading in any other corner, like Trent McDuffie, looks very rich.

NFC East Mixtape Vol.54: The mockery of the division – BGN Radio
RJ Ochoa and Brandon Lee Gowton serve as the NFC East Commissioner, making the best possible selections for each team in the division.

2022 NFL Draft Superlatives, From Our Favorite Eagles Goal To Day Three Wild Cards – Athlete
Who is the “I didn’t get it” player a potential target for the Eagles? Berman: Washington’s cornerback Trent McDuffy may turn out to be Jayer Alexander, but for a player that is a safe pick and lock in the top 20, I’m not intrigued by the idea of ​​a top-20 cornerback who lacks elite attributes. This does not mean that skills are not important. You have to be able to cover, and he can cover. You must have instincts, and he has instincts. But there are players available early on that marry skills and attributes. I understand why the eagles care about him. But I also think the Eagles would have better options. Wolff: I don’t think the Eagles will use a first-round pick in a defensive encounter that will soon turn 24 with no real history of producing passes, let alone someone who was arrested for ‘domestic violence,'” even if those charges were later dropped. So I don’t think Devonty White would be an eagle.

2022 NFL Draft Notes and Rumors: Last-minute updates on potential first-round deals, increased prospects, surprise picks – ESPN+
How many linebackers are off the ball in round 1? Scouts love Georgia linebacker Nakobi Dean. They don’t know exactly where he fits in this draft. “One of the best players I’ve ever discovered,” said one AFC scout. “The playbook will learn in a couple of days. Minimal shortcomings.” Some teams associate him with a 4-3 defensive line because of his size (5ft-11, 229lbs), which is why Philadelphia (#18) makes sense. There is also buzz about New England (#21) potentially taking a linebacker. “Small and slow doesn’t help, but he’s a footballer,” said an AFC executive. “You could see it fit in New England because of the traits and the ability to run the show. Jerrod Mayo modeled that in that sense.” Teams all over the map are at the top of their inner linebacker, choosing Dean, Devin Lloyd of Utah State, or even Dean’s teammate, the fast-rising Quay Walker.

2022 NFL Draft: Don’t think too much about Aidan Hutchinson; Don’t lose sight of Malik Willis and Kenny Beckett – NFL.com
2) Jameson Williams is the top receiver in a strong class. I have a need for speed! And no, I’m not remotely concerned about an ACL tear. Modern medicine has worked wonders to heal that injury, as evidenced by all the reports about Williams’ rehab process. “It doesn’t seem to be much of a concern to me from the teams I’ve spoken with,” NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport said Monday on the NFL Network. “I don’t know if he will be the first receiver selected, but he will take a very high position. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is among the top 15 picks, the AFC Champions League or not.” Williams is a game-changer who has a special talent for playing in the big positions. In Alabama’s SEC Championship win game over Georgia, he tore down Dogs’ stunning defense with seven catches for 184 yards and two touchdowns. And he was on his way to another monster night in the national title game against UGA before tore down the AFC Champions League early in the second quarter, hitting 65 yards in four times before injury. I’m a huge fan of Drake London and his Mike Evans-style game. I really dig the Ohio duo of Garrett Wilson and Chris Olaf. I am very intrigued by George Pickens. This is a deep WR crop with plenty of attractive options. But Williams will be dynamite.

Report: Packers hosted veteran free agent OT Dennis Kelly on Tuesday – Blue Scramble
Originally a 2012 fifth-round pick for the Philadelphia Eagles of Purdue, the 6’8-inch, 321-pound veteran offensive tackle made 51 career starts—including 32 starts with the Tennessee Titans from 2016-20. The 31-year-old made 4 starts for the players last season and they played almost exclusively in right tackle.

NFL Draft Rumors: Swap Scenarios for the Giants at #7 – Big Blue View
We know, or at least think we know, that New York Giants general manager Joe Schoen would be happy to waive one of his picks for fifth and seventh place in the 2022 NFL Draft. Here are two suggested ways he could do that.

16 Free Agents Cowboys Can Sign After a Draft – Blogging The Boys
Fuller will. He had a prolapse due to a thumb injury, but that’s the kind of injury a player should be able to come back from. He has another injury history, but as we know, that’s not always a deterrent for Dallas. Julio Jones. He’s had injury issues that have kept him almost out of production for the past two years, but when Dan Quinn was head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, he was a production machine. If his doctors had to come out, it would be a big but polarizing signature.

Report: Washington leaders not expected to offer DT contract extension Daron Payne – Hogs Haven
There has been speculation that Washington might be looking to trade off Darwin Payne for several reasons. The first round parade that was used to reinforce the defensive line meant that they would face a dilemma down the line. If everyone is good, everyone needs to get paid, which means that not everyone will be paid unless the team works perfectly at free agency and recruiting to get cheap and talented players back everywhere else. That didn’t happen and now it looks like Payne is the next weird guy.

Maximizing list building by evaluating positions in the NFL Draft – Above Max
The teams in the lower right quadrant should be the distinct positions to be drafted. Availability is historically low in Free Agency and the cost of getting a player in those positions is very high. QB obviously has the highest value and I think I would put a wide receiver second in terms of value. The next three – Edge, Left Handlers, and Inner Defensive Line – I think you can argue about how to rank. Edge has become more available in the free agency in recent years while the left handle doesn’t see any movement. Inside players can often be found in later rounds much easier than stepping in on the edge and left. In all of these situations, players will likely stick to the contract even if they’re not a superstar just because the cost is so cheap. The only risk is if there is complete bankruptcy.

Malik Willis is the new face of the NFL QB Rating Debate – Ringer
The former Liberty star has become the ultimate candidate to boom or collapse in the 2022 draft. But what will the NFL teams indicate if he succeeds — and what will it mean if he doesn’t?

Micah Parsons Was Asked To Drop A Puck And May Not Know How Hockey Works – SP Nation
AHL’s Hersey Beers, affiliated with Washington Capitals, invited Parsons to go out on the ice Sunday night and throw the disc. On paper, it made perfect sense. Parsons went from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to Pennsylvania, and it should all be a hand to meet. The only issue is that no one told him how all this should work. So, instead of waiting for the team leaders, dropping the disc and shaking hands, Parsons walked alone instead, quickly dropped the disc without anyone, then shrugged his shoulders as if to say “What did I do wrong?”

2022 NFL Community Row: The Status of Each NFC Division – SB Nation NFL Show
Welcome to the 2022 NFL Draft Community Contest with the SB Nation NFL Show! We’re diving into the state of every NFC division ahead of Thursday’s NFL Draft. NFC East with RJ Ochoa (Blogging the Boys) and Brandon Lee Gowton (Bleeding Green Nation) – 1:35. NFC North with Justis Mosqueda (Acme Packaging) – 10:17. NFC South with Kevin Knight (The Falcoholic) – 24:27. NFC West with Mookie Alexander (Field Gulls) – 37:18.

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