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87 minutes: Boulay Diya grabs the ball from deep and shoots directly at Alisson. Offside.

85 minutes: Villarreal substitution: Paco Alcacer replaces Arnaud Danjuma, who barely touched the ball.

82 minutes: Liverpool continues to dominate as goalkeeper Alisson gets a rare touch from a back pass. He was a spectator tonight – there are many more Anfield players who handled the ball than he did this evening.

80 minutes: Luis Diaz crosses an attractive cross across the Villarreal penalty area but there is no one in hand to convert. Liverpool double substitution: Joe Gomez and Divock Origi in place of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Luis Diaz.

78 minutes: He also looks unmoved: Sadio Mane as he goes to be replaced by Diogo Jota. However, he did get a big hug from his manager and a round of applause from the Anfield legions.

77 minutes: While I was taking care of this staff official, Villarreal won a corner and totally wasted it. On the sidelines, their manager Unai Emery seemed unimpressed.

75 minutes: Perhaps I missed the Villarreal substitution earlier: Alfonso Piebraza for Fran├žois Coquelin.

73 minutes: Villarreal trio substitution: Boulay Dea, Serge Aurier and Mano Trigueros for Pervis Estupinan, Dani Parejo and Samuel Chukwueze.

72 minutes: Liverpool double substitution: Sadio Mane and Jordan Henderson suspended, Diogo Jota and Naby Keita.

71 minutes: Roli flutters in cross and Luis Diaz tries to hook the ball in the face of the goal. Raul Albiol sneaks with his team in full defensive hesitation.

70 minutes: Estopenan received a corner kick as Liverpool continue to turn the nail.

68 minutes: Liverpool rampant. Luis Diaz made a low shot, skewed away from the straight moments after Rowley parried Virgil van Dijk’s shot from a distance that seemed to veer in different directions as I approached him.

66 minutes: Albiol expects and hits Salah’s heels in the Trent Alexander-Arnold road, as the Liverpool right-back entered the Villarreal penalty area after linking with his teammate and running forward in anticipation of the return pass.

65 minutes: At the far post and on the volleyball, Andy Robertson crossed Trent Alexander-Arnold from the right. Offside and there was nothing marginal in this call.

Liverpool’s Andrew Robertson shoots at home from an offside position, so the goal remains 2-0. Photo: Karl Rissen/Action Images/Reuters

63 minutes: Replay and displaying a frozen tire Mane managed to stay in place with light strikes as he ran into a beautiful short pass from Mohamed Salah in the Villarreal penalty area before rushing back to Liverpool.

61 minutes: Villarreal are on alert and in a utter panic as the equaliser threatens to drive them away completely. Gio Lo Celso is booked for a foul on Andy Robertson.

60 minutes: Salah dodges inside Villarreal’s box and descends, apparently the victim of Juan Foyth’s clothesline. No penalty despite loud pleas from Liverpool players and fans.

58 minutes: Henderson had an ineffective game to his own lofty standards, but helped advance his team. His cross attempt led to a massive deviation from Pervis Estupinan, and he flew over Rulli to hit Villarrealk’s goal. He fell as an own goal for Estupinan, but it must be said that there was a queue of Liverpool players waiting to convert the cross if the Ecuadorean did not get off his leg.

57 minutes: Yes it was. Mane’s goal survived the VAR examination of Thomas Kwiatkowski and Liverpool two goals for the righteous. This is his twentieth this season, and his sixth in his past seven games.

Goal! Liverpool 2-0 Villarreal (Mane)

Now it’s two! Sadio Mane doubled Liverpool’s advance and scored his second goal in two minutes. He ran into a short weighted pass from Salah and stabbed the house, but was he offside?

Sadio Mane, Liverpool player, scores the second goal for his team.
Sadio Mane doubles the progress of Liverpool. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian

Goal! Liverpool 1-0 Villarreal (Estupinan AG)

Liverpool is in the lead. Jordan Henderson’s cross pass from the right takes a malicious deflection, wraps over Rowley’s outstretched hand and hits Villarreal’s goal.

All eyes are on the ball as it heads towards the net after a cross pass from Jordan Henderson, captain of Liverpool, hit Pervis Estopinan, a Villarreal player.
All eyes are on the ball as it heads towards the net after a cross pass from Jordan Henderson, captain of Liverpool, hit Pervis Estopinan, a Villarreal player. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian
Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson was congratulated by his teammates after Villarreal's cross hit Pervis Estupinan of Villarreal.
Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson was congratulated by his teammates. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian
Liverpool fans celebrate.
Liverpool fans celebrate. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian

52 minutes: From a central position, Alexander-Arnold sent a superb ball into the Villarreal penalty area for Luis Diaz. It does not connect properly to its head and snugly collects Roly.

50 minutes: Fabinho hits the ball into the net from seven yards at a corner for Liverpool, but his “goal” was canceled due to offside. Virgil van Dijk was sneaky into the crowd as he led the hitter Sadio Mane back into the mixer.

48 minutes: Villarreal left-back Pervis Estupinan was booked for a foul on Salah near the edge of the Villarreal area. Nothing comes from a free kick but Liverpool keep putting pressure.

46 minutes: Salah sends a cross pass into the penalty area in Villarreal, and Pau Torres of Villarreal reaches it. Fortunately for him, Geronimo Rulli was on hand to inadvertently inflict his “effort” attached to the target.

Second half: Liverpool 0-0 Villarreal

46 minutes: Play resumes with no changes in personnel on either side.

First half: Liverpool 0-0 Villarreal

peep! A very low first half was ended by the Polish referee, Shimon Marciniak. Liverpool dominated the whole time, but Villarreal’s defense was nothing if not stubborn. The Spanish side evaded their hosts, who conspicuously lacked few sophisticated or killer passes in the final third.

45 + 1 minute: Villarreal enjoy a rare trip from their own half, but it doesn’t last long.

42 minutes: ooh! Thiago Alcantara hits the top of the left straight with a curling shot from distance.

Thiago kicked the Liverpool player from a distance and hit the stones.
Liverpool’s Thiago shoots from a distance… Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian
Thiago, the Liverpool player, responds after missing the scoring opportunity.
And interacts after hitting the woodwork. Photo: Jon Super/AP

41 minutes: Mane makes a short pass to Luis Diaz on the edge of the Villarreal penalty area. Juan Foyth slips to steal the ball in perfect timing if the tackle is a bit too risky. Kobe residents appeal penalty kick but nothing imminent.

39 minutes: Luis Diaz was penalized for fouling Dani Parejo near the edge of the Villarreal penalty area. The visitors are making this game as draining as possible for Liverpool, and the natives in the stands are audibly worried.

36 minutes: With a rare Villarreal attack, Dani Parejo tries to catch the ball from the touchline with Lo Celso. His target touches the ball, but he is in a state of elongation and cannot control it.

35 minutes: From the side line, Alexander-Arnold debuted a Robertson ball from deep in the Villarreal penalty area. Salah reaches the end of his cross but directs it away.

Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool against Pervis Estupinan of Villarreal.
The first time Trent Alexander-Arnold scored a cross, he escaped from a Villarreal Pervis Estopinan cross… Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters
Liverpool player Mohamed Salah tries a shot at the goal and misses.
He finds Mohamed Salah, but the Liverpool striker does not find the target. Photo: Jon Super/AP

34 minutes: Salah’s shot was blocked by Giovanni Lo Celso’s rush. It’s a corner kick for Liverpool explained by Villarreal.

33 minutes: Liverpool continues to knock on Villarreal’s door. Mane’s shot is deflected by Rulli by Raul Albiol but deflects a little straight.

32 minutes: Villarreal goalkeeper Rulli hits a shot in the neutral zone but escapes, then Virgil van Dijk is booked for a body check on Samuel Chukwueze.

31 minutes: Liverpool are attacking the lower right again by linking Alexander-Arnold and Salah with good effect. Salah tries to choose Mane’s race, but Pau Torres intercepts him and clears him.

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