Eagles aim to trade in the top 10

The Eagles made deals to move their selection in the first round ahead of the previous two drafts; They may not have finished changing their first round slots this year. NFL.com’s James Palmer notes (Video Link).

Philadelphia aims to move into the top 10, according to Palmer, who adds that the team’s dash of passes could be the focus of such a trade. More specifically, vultures are interested in kefon tebodo, a defensive end that was once viewed as the best overall prospect. Its value has since become one of the most important subplots of this draft.

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Given Thibodeaux’s stock volatility, the Eagles will almost certainly need to wait for the draft to begin to orchestrate the deal. Thibodeaux has been linked to one of the top five and has also been mentioned as a player who could come out of the top ten. The talented edge’s landing point may be somewhere in between, giving the Eagles a potential target range.

After entering April with three first-round picks in the teens in this year’s draft, the Eagles broke with one of those picks and moved into the 15th Saints spot. Philly holds picks #15 and 18 this year and has two more players in the first round next year. The Eagles have been tied to wide receivers throughout the pre-draft process, though one has been chosen in each of the past two first rounds, and could loom as an important stand as well. But the team finished 31st in the sacks last season.

Al-Nusour re-signed the 2017 first round selection Derek Barnett . added Hasson Riddick In free agency. also extended Josh Sweet months ago. Brandon Graham, however, is emerging from a torn hock and entering his 34-year season. Thibodeaux will enhance this stabilizer further and give the team an interesting depth chart featuring usable edges that go beyond deep.

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