Lions Mock Final Project: Kayvon Thibodeaux took second place

After months of speculation about what might be the most unpredictable NFL draft in the… years, you’ve probably heard enough. We have said enough. So lets get it.

With the help of the (premium) The Draft Network simulator, we take one last crack at how the Lions weekend will go.

Draft shots

round pick or pick Total Notes







of rams






















Round 1, No. 2: Kayvon Thibodeaux, Edge, Oregon

To be clear: We don’t know for sure, but if Travon Walker goes to #1 in Jaguar’s cars, we’d expect the Black to fall to Kayvon Tibodo and Aidan Hutchinson for second. Hutchinson could have been the choice – his character fits Dan Campbell’s culture and his potential within Aaron Glenn’s defense cannot be ignored. Nor can Thibodeaux’s effect as the best rushing pass in this category. Thibodeaux should continue to mature but its sporting roof as a fast lane feels soaring. Lions aren’t afraid of character and culture in Campbell’s locker room that, if built right (so good so far), could be a pretty cool spot for him.

In the end, we went with Brad Holmes’ knowledge of Thibodeaux from years of exploratory work as the deciding factor here. But it is very difficult. – Nick Baumgardner

Round 1, No. 32: Trade with the Saints for 49th, 98th, 2023 Fifth round selection

Round Two, Issue 34: Louis Ceni, Georgia

We were pretty intent on going from 32nd, either up if Derek Stingley Jr., Kyle Hamilton or one of the top-tier receivers slipped, or down into the stock picks. Barter options didn’t really materialize, though, hence the saints’ trade. Alternate offer from Seahawks, just so you can chew: Numbers 40, 145 and 229 for 32.

The 34-year-old board still features Cine, Georgia players Nakobi Dean and Kwai Walker, and receivers like Christian Watson, Ski Moore and George Pickens. The Cine was the choice due to the dynamic combination it offers as a superior safety that can hit the box. the black ought to Address this situation in the draft, ideally doing so before delving into day 2. – Chris Burke

Round two, No. 49: Chad Momma, left-back, Wyoming

Moma (6-3, 239) has always been one of our favorite midfielders in this category – and there are many, including some (Christian Harris and Leo Chenal) who were available to us here. But Moma can cover up, handle it all and play his butt off. You need to fill it. Muma (former safety) has the traits to play alongside Derrick Barnes for the long haul – he also has the polish to compete with him for time at the moment as the Lions continue to increase the space for their midfielders.

For fans of wide reception out there: We just missed Pickens and Watson here, having passed them for Cine earlier. – Baumgardner

Round Three, #66: Jalen Tolbert, WR, South Alabama

If the Lions were sitting on the top 40 receivers – one should be in the top 20 and the other in the 1st/early 2nd round range – the top of Round 3 would be a good place to look for value. Our discussion here came down to Tolbert or Physicist, 6-3 Cincinnati receiver Alec Pierce.

Tolbert has more upside as an all-around receiver, and Black really likes his skill set coming from Senior Ball. It can be dangerous out of the hatch as well, as a vertical threat with superb body control in the air. – bless you

Kobe Bryant would be a perfect fit as Aaron Glenn’s angle. (Matthew Emmons/USA Today)

Round 3, #81 (trading with the Giants #97 and 177): Kobe Bryant, CB, Cincinnati

We decided we didn’t want to wait. Perfect Bryant, Dan Campbell-Aaron Glenn corner all the way. The product of Ted Ginn Sr.’s popular Glenville High School program. At Cleveland, Bryant is all about toughness and consistency. In short: it’s a dog. All the way. His test traits aren’t off the charts (4.54 40, 7.31 seconds, three cones), but it’s really hard to beat him in men’s coverage.

It probably isn’t the answer to any CB1 problems. But Bryant (6-1, 193) is a very good footballer and a great contender. He’s been a captain twice in the Defense First program who has gone 22-2 over the last two seasons. – Baumgardner

Round 3, No. 98: Luke Goedeke, OL, Central Michigan

Tight end turned in a Michigan center likely to be an NFL guard, Goedeke was one half of a brilliant attacking duo for Jim McElwain and the chips (opposite Bernard Rayman) and combines poor advantage with the sport. This Lions crew coveted their offensive outfit, not one without the other. – Baumgardner

Round 6, No. 181: Otito Ogbonnia, DT, UCLA

Another senior at the Senior Bowl – Ogbonnia played for the Jets, in the national team squad. It has a 324-pounder and its most natural fit is a nose-handle, with Black already having Alem McNeil and John Benicini back up. However, in this defense, Ogbonnia can be more like the former than the latter, which means that the Lions can collide a little wider and allow him to attack some of the loopholes. He can be explosive when he gets things right. – bless you

Round 6, No. 217: Tyler Allgeier, RB, BYU

A Jamal Williams-like option from Jamal Williams’ alma mater. Allgeier is a big (224 pounds), patient back who has been good on Detroit’s running chart, plus he’s had a combined 42 assists over the last two seasons. BYU even passed him on to the linebacker at some point during his career – he had 26 tackles in 2019.

This may also be a place for a narrow end. The Lions still need to figure out the position behind TJ Hockenson, so Nevada’s Cole Turner or even Michigan State hybrid/tight end defender Conor Heyward might be attractive here. – bless you

Detroit Lions Final Prototype Project

pick or pick player location the school












South Alabama






Central Michigan



University of California




last thoughts

Nick Baumgardner: After we traded 32 and saw what was available there, I think my exact quote (to steal from George Costanza) was: “Oh, well, that’s all closed now.” If I’m picking at 2 I might take Hutchinson. But I think those three great players at the top are going to be very good. The rest of the board, after that trade, really clicked.

My final draft of my idea for the Detroit Lions heading into the event is this: Holmes and company have a great opportunity to shorten the defensive rebuilding process for the time being. The painting is deep where black needs it to be deep.

Chris Burke: I still have Hutchinson as a very slight favorite to be Thibodeau’s choice. But this – like the Project Lions room – is a collaborative space. The rest of this flowed well. My only fear was that, by trading for Bryant, we would have offset the gains we made by sliding off 32. I think it was worth it, though. I love this run.

(Top Image: Tom Hauck/Getty Images)

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