Almost Killed Him – A 20-year-old Texas tennis prodigy suffers horrific injuries in an accident while family prays for a miracle

In a fatal accident on April 5th, Evan Smith, a first-class tennis player from the University of the Incarnate Word, was seriously injured. Evan was in college in San Antonio, Texas, and had an impressive record in doubles. Furthermore, he has achieved a professional doubles ranking and one national team doubles championship. While driving his Black Mustang to the tennis court, his car hit another car; Smith was left badly injured.


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The tennis prodigy has a lot to achieve


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The young tennis prodigy was at an early stage in his career. He did well in both sports and academia. As his father remembers, the last thing they discussed before the accident was his grades, and Evan happily talked about it. He talked about his upcoming tennis matches, as he would play at Rice University and Texas A&M. Everything was going well for him until the fateful accident.

Smith was transferred to BAMS after the accident, where she is undergoing treatment. Speaking of his condition, his father said,
“Evan has been out of the ICU for some time but is not yet ready to enter the rehab facility. Until then, his mother, Anita, remained by his bedside in the hospital. hThe injuries were numerous, and fluid accumulated in his punctured lungs nearly killed him days after he was hospitalized. The doctors also operated on the spinal cord, and reconstructed it using 16 screws.”

The grief-stricken father had more bad news. He was devastated when doctors told him that his son would never be able to walk again.
“My wife Anita actually spoke to one of the doctors who operated on Evan the next day, and that doctor said he would never walk again,”he added.

Evan’s family hopes for a miracle. They are planning some clinical trials to find the best and most advanced treatments. They think that he got a lot of support and endorsement. His father hopes that people will come forward to help with fundraising, which will help them support his medical care.

UIW Community Expands Support for Evan Smith

Ivan Smith joined UIW last year and was one of its key players. The UIW community is firmly behind Smith. UIW men’s tennis handler Instagram posted a heartfelt note to the ailing player; They offered his support and wished him a speedy recovery.

The UIW men’s tennis team is currently participating in the Southland Athletic Championships which has seen players wear “Evan Smith” T-shirts to support their teammate.

In an official statement, the UIW Sports Director said: “Evan has been an integral part of the UIW Athletics family since his arrival last year. Our players, coaches and the entire UIW community are praying for his recovery and we will continue to support Evan and his family moving forward.”

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With all the prayers and support behind Evan, we hope he wins the toughest match of his life and recovers soon.

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