‘It’s Big’: Women’s National Hockey League gears up for Movin’ On Spotlight

What once started as a group of students with degrees in film, public relations and physics has now grown into four Penn Staters who share their passion for music. Through their squad, the Women’s National Hockey League, the future is bright.

Since the band’s debut in the winter of 2019, Kristen Noodle, James Rosen, Liam Ney, and Julie Larson have been composing music and establishing their careers in a somewhat unconventional way.

“I knew Julie from Comedy Club,” Noodle, the group’s lead singer, said. “We were writing silly sketches and songs for those shows. Then I knew James and William from film school.”

While some of the members already know each other, Noodle was the first to come up with a concrete idea for the group when she explained how she wanted to start a group in KLIO Penn magazine. Percussionist James Rossen was the first to respond by sliding gracefully into the DMs. And as Noodle said, the rest was history.

But once the new members started launching the band in early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly derailed their plans. That didn’t stop them from making the most of their quarantine opportunities.

Together the band has been writing, playing and producing their music remotely, while also working together across the country to complete their first four songs. The Women’s National Hockey League also had intentions to tour or play smaller venues in the Northeast, but the pandemic had other plans. Therefore, they played a virtual version of the Pennsylvania Student Programming Association’s NoonTime multiple times in front of a Penn State audience.

Moving forward into 2022, the group is back in performance and expanding its identity. The group’s second version is scheduled to be released in the next few months as well.

After Movin On won the gang battle, the Women’s National Hockey League is set to open its year-end music festival in Pennsylvania on Friday, April 29. The group is happy to return to Happy Valley after a difficult few years in the entertainment industry.

“I’m so excited to be sharing the stage,” Noodle said. “I grew up in State College, so I am sure I will see a lot of familiar faces. Being surrounded by support means a lot.”

Rosin also spoke about the rest of the group and their excitement about this new venture into the band’s career.

“It’s a big job to get the band back on,” he said.

The Women’s National Hockey League certainly plans to have a big presence on the stage when it begins its group Friday. Besides, being one of Jack Harlow’s opening act is definitely a boost in the experience section of their story.

While swinging with the Women’s National Hockey League is currently a hobby for the four members, they would like to have that full-time job someday. The camaraderie and humor nurture each person to maintain their smart and entertaining spirit every time they step on stage.

“I really like being silly and goofy as a band,” Noodle said. “It’s fun to watch if we’re having fun. Just have fun.”

Aside from music, the four members found family in each other through their dedication, hard work and of course their shared love for their mothers.

“We didn’t know what was going to happen from this,” said guitarist Julie Larson. “If you’re worried about something, or if you don’t know if you’re good enough, just give it a try, and something really great can come of it.”

And as the Women’s National Hockey League’s latest EP said, “We are young, we are sexy, [and] And they were best friends.”

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