MLB News: Jose Canseco hits back at Alex Rodriguez and claims he cheated on Jennifer Lopez

Major League BaseballFans don’t forget the great rivalry that exists between Cubans Jose Canseco The Dominican American Alex Rodriguez, who have had a bad relationship for several years after they became friends. Well, in case anyone forgot his feud, Canseco took it upon himself to remind us of a fresh attack against the former Yankees star.

Cuban took to Twitter to leave several messages to The New Yorker accusing him of being unfaithful to her Jennifer LopezTo whom A-Rod He got engaged just a few months ago, and makes fun of his current relationship by challenging him to tell his new girlfriend how he cheated JLo in his home.

“Alex, you are so expected.. you said you were going to date a young blonde girl with light eyes..Kathryn PadgettCanseco wrote on Twitter.. I sent it directly via Instagram and she accepted, then figured it out and she blocked me… She seems to fear the truth like Jennifer.”

A-Rod is accused of cheating on JLo in his house

“Hi Alex, why don’t you tell your girlfriend how you use Jennifer’s cheat with Mia at Jennifer’s house. The truth hurts,” Canseco wrote in a series of tweets.

It’s unclear who Canseco is referring to when he talks about “Mia,” although some fans claim Cuban was confused about the name and what it really means. Madison LakeroyReality TV star Rodriguez has been linked for a while as his lover while he was with Jennifer Lopez.

Canseco persisted in his provocations, and even dared to test his truth against Alex’s opinion: “Anytime you want a polygraph I’m on.”

The former Oakland Athletics player continued his exciting messages and made it sound like he discovered a lot more things in Rodriguez’s life from mutual friends.

Canseco added, “Alex, I forgot I introduced you to some of these girls and they’re still talking to”

The dispute between Jose Canseco and Alex Rodriguez

Although there was a publicly known rivalry between them for several years, things weren’t always hostile between professional baseball players. They were good friends, but everything fell apart when rumors surfaced that Alex had slept with Canseco’s wife a few decades earlier.

“Alex and I were friends. A long time ago, he was one of my subjects. But everything changed when I found out he was having an affair with my wife Jessica, and it sparked my disdain for him and telling everyone A-Rod he really is,” Canseco stated in a TV interview Vlad.

At that time, Canseco’s ex-wife Jessica also took to Twitter, opened an account on the social network and denied her ex-husband’s accusations, saying that she maintains friendship with Alex Rodriguez but never slept with him, and even claimed to be his girlfriend. Jennifer Lopez as well.

Canseco’s Twitter “messages” aren’t new, at least so far this year. Cuban spoke out against Alex Rodriguez at least three times, in which he confirmed that his engagement with JLo ended due to his infidelities.

In fact, they challenged him to a fight in a boxing ring, but Rodriguez remained on the sidelines and did not respond to his former teammate’s controversial attacks.

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