Pirate interest in re-signing Suh Wanying

Prior to the NFL Draft, Tampa Bay was already exploring options for depth on the defensive line without re-signing Ndamkong Suhbut according to Greg Uman of The Athletic, their transition to enlistment Logan Hall He may have settled Suh’s fate.

The Buccaneers signed Suh in 2019 in an effort to replace the lost production with Gerald McCoyleave. Failing to produce model numbers for his career that first season in Tampa, Suh recorded a career drop in sacks, but he showed his usual playmaking ability, scoring twice on faltering recoveries, scoring 7.0 tackles for a loss, and hitting the quarterback 14 times. Suh returned to form the next two years, posting 6.0 sacks per season. Despite signing with the Buccaneers at the age of 32, Suh has maintained a high standard of playing. In his three seasons with the team, he recorded 14.5 sacks, 23.0 tackles for a loss, 46 quarterback hits, and 5 choppy recoveries.

Last month, after trading again to allow Jacksonville to pick a first-round second, the Buccaneers used their first draft pick to add Houston defensive line man, Hall, 33rd overall. Hall showcases some of the same versatility that makes Suh so valuable, but at 13 and on a rookie bargain it should be a lot cheaper than bringing back 35-year-old Suh.

Pirate General Manager Jason Licht He didn’t shut the door on Suh’s re-signing, and made a comment that seemed to hint it might be an option should the team hit deep in the center. Suh would definitely be a viable injury substitute as he never missed a start in his 12-year career. He’s only missed two games since he was drafted and those missed games were the result of a suspension.

However, barring a streak injury, signing Suh wouldn’t make much sense for Tampa Bay after using such a high selection into the Hall. It will add unnecessary cost to the position pool and Suh’s playing time will reduce the chances of early Hall playing.

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