AJ Thomas becomes 3rd amid a flurry of new bears additions

Before the small start-up camps began, the Chicago Bears had 16 unoccupied free agents on contract. That number has now increased to 18 after the three working days. The Savon Scarver’s wide receiver was released while three defensive players were added. Linebacker Christian Albright and North Arizona football player were the first to receive contracts after successful trials. Now a third of them are joining them in the safety of western Michigan AJ Thomas.

Like many freshmen, Thomas has an extraordinary five-year college business experience. In that time, he has accumulated 221 tackles, 16.5 tackles for a loss, three sacks, two interceptions, 14 defensive passes and two defensive touchdowns. He also got a lot of time playing on special teams, which undoubtedly increased his value in the eyes of the Bears coaching staff. What will be interesting is where they plan to play.

Thomas will remind a Bears fan of Brian Urlacher.

No, not in terms of amazing talent. More on body type. Although technically safe, his tire is more than linebacker at 6’2, 220 pounds. This is why his coaching staff tends to move him in certain situations. It will be interesting to see if the Bears consider him a safer classic or if they feel he might have more potential as a linebacker. Keep in mind that he ran 4.60 in the 40-yard dash on his pro day. This would be considered on the slow side for safety, but could be controlled by the linebacker.

Interestingly enough, the Bears decided to sign three defensive players in the tests. This also includes eight uncredited Free Agents signed on before the small camps, bringing the total to 11. This indicates the team is looking deep to find players to fit into their new 4-3 plan under Matt Ebervloss. Especially at the back where they lack depth. AJ Thomas would have a better chance of making the roster through this route rather than trying to compete with what appears to be a loaded safety post after two recruiting picks Jaquan Brisker and Elijah Hicks arrived.

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