Chris Paul’s mother, wife pushed by Mavs fans during Game 4

Chris Paul was furious on Sunday afternoon after his mother and wife were assaulted by a Dallas Mavericks fan at the American Airlines Arena.

Paul took to Twitter shortly after The Phoenix Suns fell to the Mavericks 111-101 in Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals on Mother’s Day, which tied the series 2-2. Although he didn’t go into the details himself, he was clearly very upset about some incidents related to his family.

Dave McMenamin from ESPN Robin, Paul’s mother, stated that “Dallas fans got their hands on it” during the match. Paul’s wife, Jada, was reportedly pushed into the accident, which happened in front of their two children and made them feel “absolutely unsafe”. Jada reportedly followed the steps of the ring as she left, too.

Details surrounding the situation are unknown. Paul was seen on the broadcast during the match telling security that someone had “put his hands on my mom.”

The Mavericks released a statement after the match, and said the fan in question was “quickly removed” from the match.

“The Dallas Mavericks are aware of an incident between a fan and Chris Paul’s family. It is unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” the team said. via Tim MacMahon from ESPN. “The Mavericks, along with American Airlines Center, quickly removed the fan from today’s game.”

Paul miscalculated just 23 minutes into the loss on Sunday, and finished with five points after taking only 2 of 4 shots from the field. Devin Booker led the Phoenix with 35 points, though the Suns only fired 36% from behind the arc compared to the hot Mavericks making 20 three-pointers in the win.

The fifth game in the series is set Tuesday night in Phoenix.

A Mavericks fan allegedly got his hands on Chris Paul’s mother and wife during the Suns’ loss in Game 4 on Sunday afternoon. (Jerome Meron/USA Today)

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