Galen Bronson Doesn’t Help Mavericks Amal Knicks

Knicks free agent target Jalen Bronson is a poker-faced keeper on the field, rarely given the emotional, sustenance and constant like the Mavericks quarterback.

But in the interview room during his post-game press conference on Sunday afternoon in Dallas, Bronson cracked a smile when someone asked him how he felt spoiling Chris Paul’s birthday holiday.

“Jesus Christ,” Bronson said, knowing he wasn’t willing to give Paul any billboard fodder.

“It’s how hard it is to play defensively,” Bronson said after Dallas’ 111-101 defeat to The Suns in Game Four, “It’s credit to him for how well he’s got his team to this level. We’re just doing everything we can to find ways to win.”

On Friday, Paul, who turned 37, hit seven in a row as Dallas cut from a second-round deficit to 2-1. On Sunday, Paul missed early in the fourth quarter by five points. Bronson played a large role in the frustration of the corruption-ridden Paul.

Small but physical, Bronson made an offensive foul on Paul early in the third quarter as CP3 had the ball up and they got involved when the Suns star’s floor came to a halt. This was Paul’s fifth mistake – which was confirmed by the referee’s review.

Jalen Bronson hits the ball over Chris Paul.

Early in the fourth inning, Paul hit Bronson’s arm after pulling the Dallas guard down in an offensive rebound. CP3 was completed for the day and the Mavericks tied 2-2 as the series moved to Valley of the Sun.

“When we know a player is in trouble – no matter who they are – we try to apply pressure,” added Bronson. “[Paul] Crucial to them if we can get it out of the game in a clean way, we’ll take advantage of that. ”

The Mavericks lighted all their 3-point shooters on Sunday, so Bronson was just one piece in the puzzle. But this one has the attributes of a special puzzle that owner Mark Cuban might want to keep together.

Cuban made his share of shoddy investments in Shark Tank (no mention of Toegaroo). But this billionaire businessman knows that a tough guard who has smooth chemistry with Luka Doncic is probably someone he’d be into.

A league source who spoke to Cuban during the playoffs told The Post he would be shocked if Cuban did not retain Bronson, who averaged 28 points in the first round versus Utah. This did not bode well for the Yun Rose Nex as they searched for a general on the first floor. Rose’s son, Sam, and Aaron Mintz are Jalen’s CAA clients.

ESPN recently reported that Cuban was not willing to participate in signing and trade talks to facilitate Bronson’s signature elsewhere. The Knicks need to do a lot of work to create cover space if Bronson turns down Cobain’s offer.

On Sunday, Bronson had 18 points, four assists and four rebounds – plus 18. However, perhaps the most significant number is ‘6’ in Paul’s ledger, which indicates his sum of errors.

Bronson has been more on the ball in those last two victories, but he has an instinct to flip it to Doncic on the half-court and teleport into space when he sensed the Slovenian star wanted to do his seclusion magic.

Chris Paul guards Galen Bronson.
NBAE via Getty Images

Bronson with a solid handle, he also has an easy way to get into the paint – trainer Jason Kidd’s obsession.

“Great things happen when you keep painting and trying to do plays,” Bronson said.

Dallas’ willingness to pass led to a three-pointer opening in the afternoon. The Mavericks drilled 20 epic runs in 44 attempts. Dorian Finney-Smith, an unknown “stretch 4,” rained on 8 of 12 from behind the arch.

Davis Bertans, the “other” Latvian in the league, sunk 4 of 6 three-pointers. How ironic that Bertans native, ex-Nick and former post Christaps Porsengis, now plays for Washington and not make it to the Championships.

Porzingis had no harmony on the court with Doncic, who shot just 1 in 10 from a 3-point streak on Sunday despite the easy win.

There were contributions from alumni from the Knicks’ backcountry, Frank Ntelikina and Reggie Bullock, part of Tom Thibodeau’s squad last season.

From a feed from Brunson, Ntilikina hit an important right-handed triple indicator late in the third quarter. In his nine minutes, the Frenchman also made a rebound in traffic early in the fourth quarter when the Suns were still threatening.

“I have faith in every one of my teammates,” Bronson said. ‘Some may not get the minutes they want, but they come every day and work hard. Frank is one of those guys. I had faith that Frank could take that hit.’

And Bullock?

“Bullock didn’t score tonight but everyone knows what he’s doing to this team on the defensive side,” Bertans said.

The Suns have a team fight in Dallas on their hands. It’s true that Phoenix was 2-2 with the Pelicans, but no one really believed that the Western champions would lose to New Orleans.

Now all bets are off.

Kidd said after his team trailed 0-2, he needed more players to join Luca’s party.

Kidd grinning, “Yes they’re at the party.” We understand Luca’s talent. But to be a team, the other players have to shoot the ball when they take the ball from his hands. We saw it this afternoon.”

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