Jaguar, Williams, Van Ruten, Leonard, Browns, Griffin III

May 8, 2022 5:29 PM CST by Ellie Allen

After Jaguar fired the former coach Urban Meyer, it became public that Jacksonville had no intention of paying Mayer the remaining money in his contract, as he was being fired for some reason. There was speculation at the time that the parties might follow established precedents and negotiate a settlement in order to avoid a legal situation.

According to Garrett Bell of USA Today, an anonymous source with knowledge of the situation told the columnist that, to date, the two parties have not been able to conclude a settlement agreement.

Here are some other rumors from across the AFC, starting with a rumor from South Beach:

  • Dolphins should have a lot of options to configure their offensive line, but it will likely depend on what they do with their inner offensive line. Conor Williams. According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Miami isn’t quite sure what to do with Williams, having worked with him as center and left keeper for the past three weeks. The good news is that it gives them plenty of options. With Tyrone Armstead Reinforced when processing the left and Robert Hunt Solidly in the right guard, Williams could fit in either position. If you put Williams in the left guard, the team will probably be too Michael Dieter Start at the center and leave Liam Eichenberg And Austin Jackson To compete for the right job to start. If Williams starts in the center, Eichenberg can slip into the left guard post and Jackson can take control of the right position.
  • The planes recently released the guard greg van rotten. According to SNY’s Ralph Facciano, Technical Director Robert Saleh They claimed that they released Van Roten because they believed he had the potential to start with other teams in the league. release means To let him find those difference That would give him a start. Saleh was quoted as saying that they would “love to take it back” if he fails to create such opportunities.
  • Colts Line Packer Darius Leonard He underwent ankle surgery in June last year before the season. The surgery helped him recover from this season, playing every game but one and being named the first All-Pro team for the third time in his career. While his ankle is still ill, Joel A. Erickson from IndyStar Anne Leonard says The ankle is now better than it was at this point last year. This is an encouraging sign for Leonard and a chilling message for the other teams in South Asia. Leonard was named to the All-Pro team every year of his career while he was struggling with an ankle ailment. A healthy Leonard is a dangerous weapon for opposing teams to plan to counter.
  • With the return of the free agent wide receiver Jarvis Landry Less and less likely,’s Mary Kay Capote seems to think that Brown would be able to push a little more now for a free agent pass Jadvion Clooney to come back. Cabot notes that the formulation of the UAB pass is hasty Alex Wright It makes the need for Clowney’s signature less urgent, but it also mentions that his teammate is passing quickly Miles Jarrett Clowney wants a comeback, which can help his cause. Cabot claims that if the two sides can’t agree on a new deal, Cleveland will consider a defensive end to previous bills Jerry Hughes While that.
  • We’ve all seen Rich Eisen of the NFL Network run 40 yards for charity. Well, this year, the former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III, who is currently an analyst at ESPN, took part and is said to have clocked up to 4.48 seconds. Mike Florio of NBC Sports reported that on The Aizen Show, Griffin claimed that some teams noticed his impressive career and reached out to him. That doesn’t necessarily mean that any teams have offered to bring him back to the NFL, but Griffin has publicly stated his desire to return to football in the past, even claiming that his contract with ESPN would allow him to sign with an NFL team. If given the same opportunity. The last time Griffin spent time in the league as Lamar JacksonIt’s a reserve on crows. He’s run multiple times leading many to question if he still has the ability to lead the NFL attack based on his short appearances.

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