Kentucky Derby 2022: Top 10 Underdogs Win Run for the Roses as a Long Shot

Rich Strike made a big surprise during the 2022 Kentucky Derby by winning 80-1 odds. This 3-year-old thoroughbred, along with Venezuelan jockey Sonny Leon, became the second longest-shot win in the event’s 148-year history. There hasn’t been a greater upheaval in over 100 years.

Below is a complete list of the 10 Kentucky Derby winners with the longest odds.

1. Donnelly (1913), 91-1

Donerail — owned, bred and trained by Thomas P. Hayes — won the 39th race for the Roses by half length after rallying from fifth at the top of the stretch. This upset paid out $184.90 for a $2 bet. A native of Louisville, Jockey Roscoe Goose had a successful career and went on to become one of the rookies in the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame in 1963.

2. Rich Strike (2022), 80-1

Rick Strike won this year’s race by 3/4 of a length ahead of two candidates, Epicenter and Zandon. Rich Strike wasn’t supposed to compete, but a place had opened up after he had scratched the Ethereal Road the day before. Here’s the full CBS Sports story about Rich Strike’s win.

3. The Country House (2019), 65-1

Maximum Security finished the race 1 3/4 lengths ahead, but was eventually disqualified after country rider Flavien Pratt lodged an interception. He claimed that the winning horse came out of his lane at the last turn and made contact with another horse named War of Will, who then called his horse. It was the first time ever that a horse was disqualified for making a mistake during a race.

4. Mine the Bird (2009), 50-1

The Bird and the Knight Mine Calvin Burrell defeated Pioneeroff the Nile by 6 3/4 lengths after rallying from the back. Although it was a long shot, the horse won in his blood because his father was Birdstone, 2004 Belmont winner. The payout was $103.20 for a $2 bet. Mine That Bird was inducted into the Canadian Horseracing Hall of Fame in 2015.

5. Giacomo (2005), 50-1

If you could use a time machine to bet on any race, that would be the race. The closing argument nearly made this list as a 70-1 shot in 2005, ending only half the length behind Giacomo and jockey Mike Smith. A $2 bet on Giacomo turned out to be $102.60. But even more impressive, given the fact that the top two horses were both long shots, a $2 minute bet paid $9,814.80, and a $1 payout of $864253.50.

6. Galahadion (1940), 35-1

Gallahadion finished 1 1/2 of lengths ahead of heavyweight favorite Bimelech, which was a major feat as Bimelech went on to win both Preakness and Belmont. Galahadion and jockey Carol Berman climbed onto the rail and shot the two advancing horses after the last turn.

7. Apollo (1882), 32-1

Apollo did not follow the usual path that other Kentucky Derby winners have followed. He did not race when he was two years old, but succeeded in 1882 with a half-length victory over Runnymede. He and jockey Babe Heard were heading back in a field of 14, but then pushed to take sixth after a mile.

8. Charisma (1999), 31-1

This race had a thrilling finish as charismatic jockey Chris Antley made a late push in the home extension to claim a neck victory over Minivey. Charismatic nearly earned the Triple Crown by also winning the Preakness. However, he finished third in Belmont and unfortunately suffered a fracture to end his career.

9. Proud Clarion (1967), 30-1

Proud Clarion lost all three beginnings of his two-year-old career, but that wasn’t a good indicator of what kind of career he was going to have when he was growing up. He and jockey Bobby Osiri won the 93rd for the Kentucky Derby, while also setting the third fastest time on that stage at 2:00.60.

10. Terminator (1918), 29-1

This derby was the Exterminator’s first start when he was three years old and he managed to beat the lengthy Escoba with jockey William J. Knapp on a muddy track. Ironically, owner Willis Sharp Kilmer initially bought the Exterminator not to race, but to help train two-year-old Sun Briar, an American champion.

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