2022 NCAA DIII Men’s Singles Tennis Championships

Indianapolis – The NCAA Division III Men’s Tennis Committee has selected the individuals who will compete in the NCAA Division III 2022 men’s singles and doubles championships.

For singles tournaments, the National Committee selected a percentage of singles players and doubles teams from each of the eight regions. Singles tournaments consist of 32 singles players and 16 doubles teams. Selection of teams and individuals for tournaments depends on lost track record, schedule strength, eligibility, and availability of student-athletes.

The team tournament will take place May 23-25, while the individual tournament will take place May 27-29, both at the USTA National Campus, Orlando, Florida; Hosted by the American Tennis Association, Oglethorpe University, and the Greater Orlando Athletic Commission.

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Individual qualified (alphabetically by school):

Bedouin Tristan Bradley
Tarm Rogansonthon, Carlton
Robert Liu, Claremont – MS
Rami Hamiden Koo
Vishwa Aduro, CWRU
James Hooper, CWRU
Inch Shah, CWRU
Tim Scienciola, Denison
Antonio Mora, Emory
Will Leech, George Fox
Indranil Root, Ghost. Adolphus
Vishnu Joshi, Johns Hopkins
Thomas Yu, Johns Hopkins
Ian Ye, Kalamazoo
Moses Hutchison, Mary Washington
Stan Morris, Middlebury
Johnny Acosta, North Carolina Wesleyan
Mason Tran, Pacific (OR)
Hayden Snyder, Pomona Bitzer
Aiden Dover Matinen, RPI
Zachary Portnoy, Skidmore
Hunter Baguette, Southwestern (Texas)
Charlie Force, Swarthmore
Justin Wayne, TCNJ
Cameron Krimbell, Trinity (Texas)
Isaac Gorelik, Tufts
Christian Alchon, Chicago
Arjun Askumar, Chicago
Abhi Ramidi, Wash You
Peter Anker, Wesleyan
Chase Cohen, Williams
John Zakowsky, Wes Whitewater

single alternatives

First alternate: Nyathi Mutlugua, Luther
Second alternative: Matt Kandel, Williams
Third alternative: George Jiang, Haverford
Fourth alternate: Andrew Isis, Emory

double qualified (alphabetically by school):

Huber/Powell, CWRU
Cianciola / Bolger, Denison
Isis / Shah, Emory
Leach/Lemaitre, George Fox
Annie/Boodle, Ghost. Adolphus
Hutchison / Watson, Mary Washington
Morris / Phyllis, Middlebury
Komadina/Kelly, Pomona Bitzer
Drover Matinen/Lehrbach, RPI
Morris/Pearson, Stevens
Nguyen / Snaps, Trinity
Belandris / Sharda, Tufts
Hsieh / Shun, Chicago
Ramireddy / Li, Wash U
Cohen/Kandell, Williams
Zakowski/Grey, Wes.-Whitewater

double alternatives

First alternate: Bradley / Staples, Bowdoin
Second alternative: Miyagawa / Tran, Pacific Ocean
Third alternative: Slipidashi / Radu, Skidmore
Fourth alternate: Moltjoa / Leon, Luther

Any singles player or doubles team that misses out of the tournament will be replaced in sequential order by the list of alternates published.

The draw for the singles tournament will be conducted by the Men’s Tennis Committee and issued on May 25 and no earlier than 5 PM ET.

For more information about tournaments, including the tournament category, log on to www.ncaa.com.

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