Everything you need to know about the 2022 EWS-E season

With less than three weeks left until the 2022 season opener at EWS-E Tweed Valley, it’s time to charge your batteries and get ready for what promises to be the most exciting year of racing yet. Here’s what you need to know.

First round: EWS-E Tweed Valley

We start the season right where we left off – on the legendary Tweed Valley trails. Here you can expect pure nature trails, passionate lovers, and sometimes unexpected weather changes.

The last time we visited, we were treated to a clash of the titans, with Nico Voeloz of Lapierre and Tracy Mosley of Trek appearing on top. However, as the field is larger than ever, it is impossible to predict who will take the first step in 2022.

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Round Two: EWS-E Petzen / Jamnica

EWS-E Petzen-Jamnica runs on the border between Austria and Slovenia and is a newcomer on the EWS-E circuit. However, its potential as a world-class riding location has already been confirmed when visiting EWS in 2018. The tracks are natural and technical and the race offers a real sense of adventure, as riders have to cross borders and mountain tunnels to complete the loop.

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Third round: EWS-E Valberg

The debut of Valberg’s EWS-E, famous for its gray lunar landscape, is sure to impress. Deep in the sea alps, the place has no shortage of stunning views and endless alpine trail and was already a favorite when he visited EWS in 2016.

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Fourth round EWS-E Crans Montana

Crans Montana, Switzerland, hosted the first round of the 2021 EWS-E season. Racers were treated to a varied mix of technical singletrack, deep silt, and bike park trails. Known for its dry and warm climate, we couldn’t think of a better place to host the penultimate tour of the year. Here’s what happened last year.

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Fifth round: EWS-E Finale Ligure

Is there a more appropriate place to define the general title of 2022 EWS-E than the coveted tracks in Finale Ligure? We don’t think so. This classic venue will once again host the final showdown of the year, and no one will miss it. The tracks in the rolling Ligurian hills are rocky, fast, fun and provide the variety needed for a great race. Last year, Lapierre Overvolt dominated the men’s podium, taking all three steps. In the women’s field, it was Laura Charles who won for the second time in a row. Will they win again in 2022 or will someone be able to stop them? We have to wait and see!

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who’s watching

This year, the EWS-E field is bigger and more competitive than ever. Laura Charles, who battled Tracy Mosley for the series title last year, has only turned her attention to eMTB racing and joined the Miranda factory team. As the band’s lead contestant, she will set out to defend her title.

Laura Charles will charge a fee to protect the championship title this year.

Team Pole Enduro Race also had its sights set on electric racing, with team riders Joe Nation and Leigh Johnson making their EWS-E debuts this year. Will the youngsters be able to oust their more experienced rivals?

Of course, you wouldn’t want to bet on some of the sport’s most legendary names. Nico Voeloz will be back as quickly as possible and looks forward to riding the momentum of his perfect 2021 season.

Last year, Nico Vouilloz was unstoppable, winning every race this season. Who would be able to dethrone the master?

Last year also saw Sam Hill make his EWS-E debut, which saw him finish third in the Tweed Valley. Will we see Hill win this season? Everything to play for.

Will Sam Hill turn his attention to EWS-E this year?

It’s safe to say we’ll have fun once the racing starts in the first week of June. If you need a quick update in EWS-E format, we have the article just for you here.

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