The Bucks put the Celtics on edge, displaying championship pedigree

BOSTON – What happened?

Later-what or what just happened?

The Bucks beat the Celtics 110-107 on Wednesday, capturing 3-2 in the series.

and seriously –How do Did that happen?

“We beat ourselves up,” said Marcus Smart, the Boston guard.

“We know we missed out on a golden opportunity tonight,” said coach Aimee Odoka.

Forward Jaylen Brown added, “We gave it up.”

In the wild and unpredictable NBA playoffs – the Grizzlies beat the Warriors by quantity? – This game may top them all. Ten minutes of play, Boston 14 ends this match. It wasn’t that the Celtics were playing so well. far from it. Jason Tatum scored 34 points…but needed 29 shots to get it. Brown had 26. Al Horford, the Game 4 champion, had eight. Daniel Theis, who once again fell out of dust with Robert Williams’ absence, was the Celtics’ only substitute in the double.

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