Berlin Long: Is this the University of Utah Lone Peak’s next senior golf star?

Ask senior golfer Lone Peak Berlin Long to name her favorite golf achievement, and it will take some time. She is that humble.

It’s also a long list to count for the 18-year-old from Lehi, who signed up to play college golf for coach Carrie Roberts at BYU.

“I love golf so much, it’s hard (to pin down) one thing,” Long said. “My whole family definitely loves it.”

He shot a long 144 tied for Medals of Honor at last week’s 6A State Girls’ Golf Championships, and led the Knights to a fourth state title. This was Long’s second singles tournament, who also won in 2020 when the official UHSAA state tournament was canceled due to the pandemic, but the PGA placed one at Fox Hollow.

“I was really arguing between BYU and Virginia. If I had only been to a school outside of golf, I would probably have chosen Virginia. But it was so much more than that.” BYU Berlin Long women’s golfer

“Winning the state championship as a team is really special, it feels so important, so good,” she said. “So this one over there. Winning with friends feels special.”

However, Long admitted that the achievement to take the cake was the female 10-under 62 tournament record she took in the Utah Division PGA Championship’s Utah Division PGA Championship at Soldier Hollow Silver as a freshman in 2019. The win allowed her to play in the girls’ PGA Junior Championship That summer in Hartford, Connecticut.

“So this is my all-time low round,” she said. “It was so much fun getting to that low, and probably one of my favorite moments ever on a golf course.”

Lone Peak coach Derek Farr said mental toughness, work ethic, family support and athleticism have long characterized them.

“She’s under a lot of pressure, a lot of which she’s imposed on herself,” Farr said. “She strives for perfection. … She is just a wonderful young woman.”

Lone Peak’s Berlin Long competes while she and the other girls compete in the 6A golf tournament at Stonebridge Golf Club in West Valley City on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. Long shot par 144 to claim a Medal of Honor.

Scott J Winterton, The Desert News

When BYU’s Roberts signed a national letter of intent in November 2021, she knew she was getting a good message. Long has landed dozens of shows, and said she narrowed her options to Virginia and BYU before choosing the Cougars.

“She’s a very accomplished golfer with a long list of awards,” Roberts said last November. “Berlin will not only add to our success on the course, but will continue to enhance our team’s off-track culture as well.”

Among Long’s other golf achievements: three holes in one, an albatross (I made 2 on a third hole at Glen Eagle GC in Syracuse) and a 6-under 67 to win the 2020 course at American Fork. Her aces came in Cedar Hills, Mountain Dell (Lake), and Talons Cove.

“I still don’t know if I would ever be this good,” she said humbly when asked how she became so good. “It’s always a challenge. There is always room for improvement.”

Also, Long was runner-up to future BYU teammate Lila Galea’i at the 2021 Utah Women’s Amateur and scored five places in the top ten during the 2020-21 AJGA season. Her sister, Aadyn, is a student at Lone Peak who is also an accomplished golfer.

Born in Berlin

How did you get this unique first name? Long said her parents – Rob and Kourtney – watched a movie when Kourtney was pregnant with her main character named Berlin. I love her mother’s name. A few days later, her father was watching a soccer match in which the quarterback was Brock Berlin and thought to himself, “That’s a great name.”

So my mom came down the stairs and asked, ‘What do you think of the name Berlin? ‘ He’d say, ‘I was literally thinking the same thing.’ So they kind of thought it was supposed to be.

The Longs gained membership in the Alpine Country Club when Berlin was eight, and became more involved in the sport over time, along with older brother Jackson, who is now a member of the University of Southern Utah golf team.

“It just took off from there,” Berlin said. “I started playing tournaments when I was 10, and my sister (Aden) and I have been playing ever since.”


Berlin Long competes in the final round of the Utah State Women’s Golf Championship at Oakridge Country Club in Farmington on Thursday, July 1, 2021.

Kristen Murphy, Deseret News

Berlin said it plays in a tournament of some sort almost every day during the summer months, then practices at night for a few hours.

“You have some days when you’re there for seven or eight hours, and then other days when you do it for an hour or two,” she said. “It just depends.”

The first person to give lessons in Berlin approached her parents and told them that she was really good and had a lot of potential. Rob Long, an accomplished golfer who plays at many UGA Golf Association (UGA) events, somewhat scoffed at the idea at first, thinking the pro said it to all the parents.

“Once I started playing competitively, I knew that if I wanted to, I could go very far in this game, and it would take me places I wanted to go,” Berlin said.

Why BYU?

Clay Ogden, a former University of British Columbia golfer now professional, coached Berlin’s swing six years ago, and helped guide her to greatness with her parents.

“He’s been working with me for a while now, and he’s great,” Berlin said.

She decided to commit to BYU in October 2020, shortly after starting her junior year of high school, ending what was shaping up to be a major recruitment battle.

“I was really arguing between BYU and Virginia,” she said. “If I had only been to a school outside of golf, I would probably have chosen Virginia. But it was so much more than that.”

Berlin said her relationship with Roberts and BYU’s proximity to her home were key factors.

“Coach Roberts is absolutely fantastic. I haven’t been able to work with her as much as I can, and I love her. I love her work ethic and how caring she is. I know she loves her, and she really cares about all the girls and how they work as a team,” Berlin said.

She is also good friends with a lot of BYU players.

“I’m definitely a very social person,” she said. “So knowing that my family is only 30 minutes away makes it much better than a few thousand miles away. … Knowing what I was up to was a huge deciding factor for me.”

Her quadruple and favorite dream courses

Like many youngsters, Berlin grew up in love with Tiger Woods and says she would put him in her dream foursome, alongside the late Arnold Palmer and LPGA golfer Annika Sørenstam for the Hall of Fame.

“I think I wrote a book about Anika’s book every school year,” Berlin said. “She’s one of the greats, and everyone in golf appreciates what Tiger and Arnie have done and done for the game and how great they are.”

Berlin got to play Valhalla Golf Club in Kentucky last summer in the Girls PGA Championship, and listed it as the best and most beautiful course of its game.

Locally, she loves the Park City Municipal Course and Victory Ranch.

“Park City is a bit short and nothing special,” she said, “but I’ve always liked this golf course.” “Then there is Alpine. This is my home course. I really like that course.”

Berlin said she trained hard and lifted weights in the winter to improve her height, and saw a noticeable difference during her high school golf season.

She’d like to try to qualify for the Utah Men’s Amateur this summer, as long as it doesn’t conflict with an already busy schedule. She will not be able to play for the Women’s State Am, due to a struggle.

“I really want to play as much as I can,” she said. “I just love golf. It’s the best.”

She is one of the best players in this state to play.


Berlin Long competes in the final round of the Utah State Women’s Golf Championship at Oakridge Country Club in Farmington on Thursday, July 1, 2021. Lily Galle won on the 19th hole.

Kristen Murphy, Deseret News

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