Timberwolves spew fumes from the playoff dock instead of escaping from it


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The Minnesota Timberwolves were eliminated from the playoffs on April 29, and with a 114-106 loss to Memphis, we thought all aspects of the T-Wolves franchise would be gone until next season. For those of us who enjoy putting Anthony Edwards on labels and the dumb mistakes of Karl Anthony Towns, it was a rather sad day. If there was a way to spray into the ant inundation or to mistake an unnecessary KAT access during the later rounds, I’d all be up to let Minnesota linger.

However, the only screams from the Timberwolves season that reverberate through these playoffs are a bunch of nonsensical claims from Patrick Beverley, and an alleged moment from partial owner Alex Rodriguez — if it was even possible for something A-Rod to do to qualify as cute. Normally, I would not advocate insulting the members of the canine family, but in this case, I think we can safely say let the pound do its work because holy damn are these unbearable men.

Pat Beef joins take firstlit the flames with takes

Other than injuring the point guards, injuring himself, or overly exaggerating his importance for a poorly performing team, Beverley’s most defining trait is talking about a bunch of bullshit as if he were some kind of Gary Payton character. However, unlike Glove, I don’t think people, except for a few ESPN producers, find Bev’s work endearing; Dumping hot trash to get a rise out of the audience is more of a verified Twitter trolling than helpful take first visitor.

During his time in the hot seat opposite Stephen A. Smith this week, Shoot Chris Paul And Dunder Eaton, said Philly needs to I give James Harden the maxAnd I forgot Jonathan Kuminga’s name, shouted at Stephen A. “to weed out,” lobbied for a spot on the Lakers if he was a free agent, and LeBron James pushed to join Minnesota.

Forgive me if I don’t have time for a player who often gets hurt – who makes headlines with his mouth more than his playing – hop on ESPN and try to act like he’s some kind of locker room captain/NBA fan. I hesitate to say that no one likes Pat Beef because he’s still an active player, so in theory, some fans of the team he’s hiring are enjoying his own brand of bullshit.

Give Wolverhampton fans another season or two of Beverley’s acting, and they’ll be begging the team to move on with his antics. I don’t know if anyone will be ready for his retirement, because when he fulfills his destiny as a full-time artist, we’ll miss the days when we heard about him so early. -Exit a playoff round or during immediate duty in the first take after one.

Alex Rodriguez is still looking for ways to be less hateful

I can’t see why A-Rod continues to pursue the character. He’s basically Ahab, and the darling is Moby-Dick. I don’t know how the charisma would kill the captain in this analogy, but here’s hoping he slips on a hot mic during a KayRod manning like Peyton did during it. Monday Night Football. Just instead of being harmless ‘I can’t hear shit’ errorit’s a kind of revocable note.

Rodriguez’ latest attempt to make people not dry up when they see him—appearing on the court at the footprint center in pre-shredded jeans and a pair of Jordans with his alleged new girlfriend Katharine Padgett at 7 of the Suns-Mavs—felt as hollow as his friendship with Derek Jeter. cameras I caught him taking a nap on the sidelinesAnd, who can’t relate to drifting into dreamland during an explosion?

The issue isn’t whether it was justified – I paused that game and flipped the Playstation as soon as it got out of hand – but rather why it was there at all. He doesn’t own a piece of either team, nor does he have obvious connections to the Phoenix area.

I think he’s just a Hoops fan who has enough money to waste on front row tickets but doesn’t have enough attention to stay awake during a match, or listen to his girlfriend. The word you easily associate with A-Rod is “schmuck,” and no amount of renaming will take away his personality.

I’d say it’s never going to change, A-Rod, but fucking man, anything is better than this.

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