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    CHICAGO — The NBA Draft Lottery remains one of the smartest and most entertaining aspects of the league, as the fates of billion-dollar organizations and the world’s elite basketball genius are determined by pure chance. But the Orlando Magic, who won the first pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, along with the Oklahoma City Thunder (No. 2), the Houston Rockets (No. 3) and the Sacramento Kings (No. 4) are not complaining.

    The fickle nature of lotteries always leaves others on the other end of the fortune spectrum. This year’s drawing also provided a clear delineation between the league’s big and small market teams.

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    The Los Angeles Lakers were not represented in the Tuesday night lottery, yet they were a constant talking point on the floor in Chicago in the draft group.

    The conversation continues among the league’s staff about Russell Westbrook’s commercial status, and the fact that New Orleans inherited the No. 8 pick that would have gone to the Lakers — a selection that would have added so much value to their roster promotion this summer — seems to be another reminder of how difficult the task can be. facing the Los Angeles front office this summer.

    The New York Knicks were the largest market represented in the lottery, appearing with the 11th pick after entering the night with the 11th best chance at pick #1. They only had a 9.4 percent chance of jumping into the top four, but they haven’t advanced in the lottery since That David Stern pulled the envelope that granted Patrick Ewing to New York in 1985.

    The Knicks went 12-11 after the All-Star break, which ended up diluting their lottery chances. But the Knicks were encouraged by the advances made by Emmanuel Quikley and Obi Tobin late in the season. Several young players, including trade deadline acquisition Cam Reddish, have been active in off-season training at the team’s facilities.

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    Orlando Magic’s Head of Communications Joel Glass brought pingpong balls into the drawing room from the years when Orlando had top picks that scooped Shaquille O’Neal, Benny Hardaway and Dwight Howard, and good luck magic worked. For the fourth time in franchise history, Magic won the first pick in the lottery.

    For most of the NBA, Auburn forward Jabari Smith stands as the most sought-after potential player in this recruiting category. Smith could pair well in the front zone with Orlando’s backcourt group of players, most notably Galen Suggs’ No. 5 pick in 2021 and No. 8 Franz Wagner’s pick.

    Magic will now have a huge advantage in gathering information as well. Every potential person at the top of this class wants to hear their name called first. For example, Paulo Banchero’s family were talking about the idea of ​​joining Orlando as they walked out of the lottery room on Tuesday.

    The magician should have the opportunity to meet and evaluate whomever he pleases. The conspicuous void of the central part of the franchise provides a direct runway for their first pick to become a true team alpha, with a player-centric development and roster building plan.

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    Nick Wagner/The Associated Press

    The Trail Blazers weren’t the only team that fell into the enlistment standings from their original pre-lottery standings—Detroit and Indiana fell, too—but they had a lot at stake.

    Portland remains committed to quickly retooling the contender around All-Star point guard Damian Lillard. A kick from a ping-pong ball would have provided a huge chip for the Blazers’ hopes of pairing Lillard with his well-meaning teammate. Picking #1, or even picking from the top four in a deep category, would have offered various front-office business options in Portland for the slate era.

    There are doubts around the league that the Blazers will actually transfer their lottery selection to a veteran contributor like Jerami Grant. Portland seemed to have hoped to use the Pelicans’ first-round pick to swing a deal with Detroit, but that pickup ended up not being transferred.

    There are other ways to find Lillard’s stellar counterpart. Word of Portland’s potential pursuit of Chicago Bulls All-Star Zach LaVine through signing, trading and restricted Charlotte Hornets to alternate free agent Miles Bridges was a talking point among staff members at the gathering.

    Can Portland find a willing business partner interested in a young man who is in seventh place? The Golden State Warriors learned last year how little trade value might be for a seventh pick in the end. In any case, Blazers can’t be pleased with what the 2022 capital draft looks like today compared to the initial implications of the February trading deadline.

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    While Orlando, Houston and Detroit have joined Oklahoma City in the league’s latest twist to race to the bottom, no franchise has been brazenly like the Thunder in their attempt to falter the games and break through the draft. OKC jumped from fourth-best odds to second on Tuesday, giving general manager Sam Presti a clear opportunity to combine a dynamic talent to pair with Shai Gillegous-Alexander and Josh Giddey, as well as Thunder’s myriad young prospects.

    The league’s new lottery system, which bumped the odds to give the worst three teams up to a 14 percent chance of being the #1 pick, was a direct result of the era of tanks highlighted by Sam Hinke’s Philadelphia 76ers. It followed OKC’s dramatic rebuild from 2007-09, when Presti front desk picked Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden in back-to-back drafts.

    While Thunder was certainly hoping to win the #1 overall pick on Tuesday, coming up with the second pick represented a massive reversal of Presti’s strategy that the revised NBA lottery setup is designed to prove motivation.

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    Ross D. Franklin/The Associated Press

    With the Dallas Mavericks advancing to the Western Conference Finals, it appears the payday for free-agency guard Jalen Bronson increases with each win. The Dallas staff insist they will be able to keep Bronson on a competitive bid when he arrives at unrestricted free agency in July, but New York, Indiana and Detroit are all expected to run aggressive rounds at Bronson as well.

    Bronson is sure to sign a lucrative deal that most NBA executives expect to exceed $90 million over four years. But could lottery results derail Bronson’s market by taking a potential buyer off the table?

    A slide for the Pistons to fifth would almost certainly eliminate the possibility of them being relegated to Smith, Gonzaga senior player Chet Holmgren or Duke striker Paulo Banchero. That would likely leave Purdue guard Jaden Ivey and Kentucky guard Sheedon Sharp on the board as potential options.

    The Pistons could choose a future backyard partner for Cade Cunningham and still go after Bronson in free agency. But for an organization allegedly looking forward to a concrete step toward a post-season conflict next spring, falling into the draft order should prove somewhat agonizing.

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    Charles Rex Arbogast/The Associated Press

    Since the league introduced this new lottery format, adding a fourth draw as well as flat odds, an unexpected team has jumped into the top four every year. This season, after a deal that grabbed the headlines for Domantas Sabonis at the trade deadline, Sacramento jumped from seventh best odds to fourth pick, leaving the Kings with a crack at one of the elite potential in this category.

    The Toronto Raptors made the same sweepstakes jump last year and fixed rookie of the year Scotty Barnes for fourth. Sacramento is also in a strong position to swing the trade for immediate assistance toward the franchise’s goal of competing for the post-season — exactly what Portland wanted.

    It’s a massive stroke of luck for Kings owner Vivek Ranadive, who has not made the playoffs in each of his nine years running the franchise, and newly appointed head coach Mike Brown. It’s also a huge victory for the Kings fan base that was certainly celebrating across Northern California on Tuesday night as the lottery broadcast went into a commercial hiatus and the unlikely first-choice opportunity seemed to be alive and well.

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