Chest Enhancement Points: Cubs 7, Pirates 0

The Chicago Cubs offloaded the Pittsburgh Pirates again tonight, winning their fourth game in a row, and claiming their third straight win…and yet the late Homer Christopher Morrell made me queasy because I was so excited. It made me completely lose my train of thoughts with this post.

Well let me try to wrap it up…

Keegan Thompson was expected to go three or four times tonight, but he was so good and efficient that he managed 5.0 innings despite only throwing 65 throws. It was a real start. There were some hard hit balls, but overall, Thompson was just as good as we saw him. Everything was working, the speed was on the cutter, and the shifter – which he wasn’t using very often – looked bad.

Daniel Norris’ early exit (dubbed the Painful Achilles) paved the way for Brandon Hughes to make his league debut. The left-handed relief prospect faced six hitters, one going down and hitting the other five. Obviously there would be more scouts coming from opponents, but the pirates seemed quite helpless there, especially against Hughes’ slide.

Offensively, the Cubs did most of their early damage because the Buccaneers forgot that defense is an obligatory part of the sport:

Wilson Contreras and Seiya Suzuki both showed their arms. Jonathan Villar made his first home run with the Cubs.

What a night. What a night.

The total points of the fund.

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