Detroit Lions approval poll: Brad Holmes (NFL draft after 2022)

When we last scored with the approval rating for Detroit Lions General Manager Brad Holmes, he was about to embark on the most important season of his career at GM. With a decent amount of resources in both free agency and the NFL draft, Holmes promised that this would be a “talent acquisition phase” that could take this team’s roster to a new level.

Two months later we saw the fruits of his labor. Although the period of free agency was much more conservative than expected, the same cannot be said of Holmes’ draft strategy. He made a very bold move to trade 20 positions in the first round to ensure Detroit had an explosive offensive weapon at Jameson Williams to go with defensive playmaker Aidan Hutchinson, creating an impressive duo at the top of the 2022 recruiting class.

The rest of the draft was used to fill in the list gaps. They’ve got a physical defensive end to replace Trey Flowers, an evolutionary safety to finally fill the hole along with Tracy Walker, candidates to fill Detroit’s thin depth at linebacker, tight end, and nickel angle.

Altogether, it would be hard to argue that Holmes hasn’t improved the roster this off season. It is fair to ask if the Blacks could have done more had they not traded draft capital to take over Jameson Williams. It’s also fair to wonder if they should have been more aggressive in free agency, or to question Detroit’s strategy of capturing players coming off the tattered ACLs.

But the general manager can only do so much in one season, and while the Lions roster isn’t where it should be to compete for championships, progress has undoubtedly been made.

Before we open the vote on whether you, the fan, approve of the job Holmes does, here’s his approval rating over the past year and change:

March 2021 (Free Agency in advance): 97 percent agree
May 2021 (after the draft): 98 percent
September 2021 (after discounts): 90 percent
October 2021: 87 percent
November 2021: 79 percent
December 2021: 97 percent
January 2022: 97 percent
March 2022 (Advance Free Agency): 96 percent

It’s time to vote now. In the survey below, answer if you think Holmes does a good job as General Manager of Lions and explain your answer in the comments section below.


Do you agree with Brad Holmes’ job as General Manager of Lions?

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