Jets’ Zach Wilson is ready to jump in sophomore

One NFL analyst thinks Jets quarterback Zach Wilson is ready to make the jump in Year Two.

Dan Orlovsky, a former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst, believes Wilson is in the best position of all sophomore quarterbacks to make improvements. Orlovsky points out off-season improvements to the roster, improving Wilson’s playing towards the end of the junior season, and becoming more comfortable in his second year in the Jets system.

“If you were to sit here and say, ‘Well, what are they really missing now? ‘ said Orlovsky. ‘I don’t know if you can point out something so blatant that you go for it, they don’t have that up yet. I think they have a complete team around him that you can sit there and say, the expectations are definitely that he should play good football.”

The Jets rely on improved gameplay from Wilson in its second season to move from vault dwellers to contenders. Jets general manager Joe Douglas has spent this season promoting the team around Wilson.

Zach Wilson received nine touchdowns and 11 interceptions last season for jets.
Charles Wenselberg/New York Post

Orlovsky liked the moves Douglas made and feels the offense is now in a position to be strong.

“I think in a very short period of time since he got there, Joe Douglas has taken a bad offensive line and made him a very good unit,” Orlovsky said. “I think this has a chance to be a top 12 attacking line in the league. Lo [Mekhi] Becton maintains his health and plays the way we’ve seen him play. … [Alijah Vera-Tucker] Obviously very good then Laken [Tomlinson] And how Laken fits into that scheme, you’ll say, “Well, this offensive line has a chance to be a good unit.” This will help any midfielder, not to mention the youngster, to play better.

“Then add volume to the circumference. You’re talking [C.J.] Uzumah and then Garrett Wilson. I think Garrett Wilson would be amazing. Not only will it help but now Corey Davis will be better and [Braxton] Perius and Elijah Moore would be better because I think Garrett Wilson would be that kind of influential player. He finally has some people to take the ball to and some size.

“That was the only big thing for me. Dude, the No. 1 and No. 2 wide receivers – Berrios and Elijah Moore are 5-9. How do you want him to get the completions in the sticky coverage? He now has a bit of a cow back.” [Breece Hall]. Michael Carter is a good player, but not the bell cow.”

Orlovsky compared the situation Wilson is in with what Patrick Mahomes faced with The Chiefs in his second season, his first as a rookie. The Chiefs had gone 10-6 and made the playoffs in 2017 with Alex Smith at the quarterback. The Jets went 4-13 last season, so it’s hard to see the comparison. But Orlovsky thinks the improvements made by the aircraft are that good.

“The Jets were a four-stroke team that didn’t have the four offensive guys I just mentioned,” Orlovsky said. “It wasn’t like the Chiefs went out and added everything off the season. They had Travis Kelsey. They had Terrick Hill. They just plugged in the quarterback. I think Patrick got into a position where he’s protected, he’s had a cut to get football, and he’s had Good attacking system and good playing. I’m going to sit here and say Mike Lafleur has to prove that he’s a really good player. But he has a good offensive line. He has people to take the ball to and he has a good attacking system. These are the basic starting points for the midfielders to play well.”

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