Jim Nantz says Phil Mickelson once suffered a Fantasy football loss so devastating that it may have affected his golf course.

Phil Mickelson’s reaction after his 2021 BMW Championship achievement.AP Photo / Julio Cortez

  • Commentator Jim Nantz says Phil Mickelson once suffered a devastating loss in a fantasy football league.

  • Nantz believed the loss was so difficult that it affected Mickelson’s playing on the course the following week.

  • Nantz’s story is one of many told in a new autobiography of Mickelson written by golf writer Alan Shipnock.

Phil Mickelson loves to talk about trash.

Whether he’s trolling longtime rival Tiger Woods or trolling fellow golfers who haven’t yet won a green jacket, Mickelson’s gift of having the best of them is.

But according to a new bio, “Phil: The Rip-Roaring (and Unauthorized!) The Most Colorful Biography of Golfer’s Most Colorful Star” by Alan Shipnuck, Mickelson is back in the conversation about the occasional litter biting him.

Shipnuck’s book explores every aspect of Mickelson’s career, opening with a chapter featuring characters from Mickelson’s life and around the world of golf in which they share the best of Mickelson’s story, for better or worse.

In his Phil story, longtime sports commentator Jim Nantz reveals that he and Mickelson have played in the same fantasy football league for years, and that while Mickelson is a wire waiver, he’s also had fantasy football issues. .

“He takes it very seriously, and he’s good at it — he’s won the league championship a few times,” Nantz told Šebenak. “We personally conduct the draft every year in a hotel meeting room during the Northern Trust period [tournament]And Phil didn’t miss a single one. In 2013, he was staying at a different hotel in Jersey City two blocks away, so he walked…with a claret pot.”

“Some good wine was drunk from her that night,” Nantes said.

But while Mickelson might be fun on a draft night, Nantz says he gets very serious when the league is on the line.

“The best story is from 2020,” Nantz said. “Phil had Alvin Camara on his way back when he went for six touchdowns in Week 16. That gave Phil such a groundbreaking lead in the standings that he was sure to win the title. I’m talking about a 99.999 percent probability.”

Many fantasy football managers around the world remember Kamara’s outstanding performance against the Vikings on Christmas Day.

“He emailed the entire league, gloating. I mean, he went on a lot, and put it in heavy gear. Well Josh Allen was the second quarterback, and in the last game of the season, Monday night, Allen scored 39 points and Phil lost The title by one point.

Nantes went so far as to say he believed the loss came on the golf course.

He was crushed, said Nantes. “Totally broken. He took it so hard and I honestly think it affected his playing in the West Coast swing.”

Mickelson’s streak of results after a fantasy football loss gives some credence to Nantz’s theory – in his first three tournaments of the new year, Mickelson had lost two pieces and finished one at T53.

However, Mickelson would be back by the summer, and went on to win the PGA Championship in May, becoming the oldest player to win a major tournament in the process. He won’t defend his title, however, as he withdrew from this weekend’s event at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after declaring time off from competitive golf in February. Mickelson hasn’t played an event on the PGA Tour since his incendiary comments (to Shipnuck for the book) about a possible separate golf tour and Saudi Arabia surfaced.

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