Josh Manson Overtime Champion Colorado Avalanche St. Louis Blues Game Recap Round 1 2

After an eight-day hiatus, the Colorado Avalanche is finally back in action to start the second round series against rival St. Louis Blues. While the burgundy boys dominated most of the match with a weak effort by special teams in the third half that forced overtime. However, Josh Manson scored in the team’s 54th shot and topped the avalanche 1-0 in that 3-2 win.

the game

A start that avalanche wanted pushed the pace, but despite hitting the post three times, the only goal in the first half went to St. The Blues advanced at 6:25 and held the score for the first 20 minutes. More danger and shots on target would be needed to solve Jordan Bennington’s problem as Avalanche only had eight at that point.

The second period was more familiar for Avalanche as they completely dominated play in the first 15 minutes of it before senior Val Nichoshkin could finally convince the home team what to do best of cleaning a puck ball into the front net. For a pass from Mikko Rantanen. The outcome occurred just three minutes into the period and the avalanche took the momentum from there.

A superb pass from Bowen Byram to Eric Johnson should have led to the second goal of the avalanche, but Johnson only got the heel of his blade on the puck and Bennington made a stunning dive save. But never fear, Samuel Gerrard rekindled some of the magic of the 2018 Game 82. The blueliner put the disc in the net at 11:32 in a quick shot from the point. The Blues made a late push but not before handing 20 avalanche shots and 40 minutes later the home team led 2-1.

In a predictable fashion, Avalanche couldn’t score the third goal to tip this match away and then penalty calls started to come in. First, the avalanche blew their chance in the power game, and after the blues almost immediately got their own power, which was a first in the game for them. The penalty kick almost eliminated the penalty, but Jordan Cairo put the ball past Darcy Quimper and equalized twice with just over three minutes remaining. Avalanche got another chance to put the game away in a power game as the time for regulation is over and yet nothing is produced from Unity.

In overtime at 5-on-5, the avalanche found their game again and they went with a 13-0 shot on target and an 18-2 shot attempt before Josh Manson finally put the match into a long-range shot at 8:02 in overtime. It was a grueling turnaround through the second streak with Gabe Landskog setting the screen and helping to secure a 3-2, 1-0 win in the series.


While five of the 54 shots on target came from the three power play opportunities, none were good enough to convert and could have cost them the match. Conversely, St. Louis only needed a single shot on target in a solo power play to put this match in doubt. Plus it was clear that the failure of strong play led to a loss of momentum and gave the Blues an opportunity to hook into this game. Special teams must be much better if avalanche is to take this series.

An encouraging early sign is that avalanche controlled 70% of this game across the Corsi and 73% with projected goals. Dominance in 5-on-5 will lead to many scoring opportunities and if the execution and finishing improve, there will be a lot of Colorado goals on the board. There have been five entries in this game – the most in a Stanley Cup playoff tie – but none of the top defenders have come forward to score this third goal on the list. Depth is important and getting goals from Manson and Gerrard won this match but it’s not something the team can count on every night,


Game 2 returns to the Ball Arena at the same time Thursday night, at 7:30 p.m. MT on TNT.

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