Mike Clevenger, Mackenzie Goure strangled the Phillies

Philadelphia – Is this really the back end of Padres’ starting spin? Because if that’s the case, it’s time to notify the rest of the league: The bottom of the San Diego course looks a lot like the top of a few others. Maybe better.

In their 3-0 win over Philadelphia on Tuesday night, Padres used a backstroke in which Mike Clevenger grabbed the ball first, followed by left-back Mackenzie Gore. There are no longer enough beginnings to go around. So the Padres found a creative way to keep their electric starter on the pile at regular rest.

This game plan worked perfectly. Clevenger has been shining on his third start since returning from Tommy John’s surgery. He made five goal-free rounds and one hit, and only needed 75 shots to do so. It was, in a sense, Clevinger’s best appearance since his 2020 surgery, including spring training.

Then came Gore, making his professional debut, including minor tournaments. He worked in three point-free tires, hit four in 40 pitches. With the strength of the night being hit by newcomer Robinson Kano, Padres had plenty of attacks to improve the score to 3-1 on their wild ride and 23-13 overall.

A lot has been done lately about this starting spin depth. What exactly is Padres supposed to do with all these shooters?

Perhaps the answer: use them. If you have a lot of good promotion, you won’t be wasted. And if a disproportionate number of these shooters are novices, you’ll find a place for them—especially when the Bulls have been proven to be somewhat leaky recently.

At the moment, Padres just so happens to have seven base bowlers who are healthy and able to get started. Gore’s move to Bullpen was prompted by Blake Snell’s highly anticipated return from the injured list. When Snell finishes his first descent on Wednesday, it’s entirely possible that Padres can get Nick Martinez, another starting option, on his head.

There will come a time when that level of depth will come in handy. Just last season, Padres’ side dealt with a slew of injuries and found themselves completely empty of rotation options in September.

For now, they are more than content to flaunt their abundance of wealth.

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