Roto Riteup: May 18, 2022

80 degree field:

On the agenda:

  1. COVID issues
  2. Closest chaos
  3. quick hits
  4. Various news and notes
  5. running pitchers

COVID issues

Jason Heyward has been placed on COVID IL. There is no information yet on whether he tested positive or only had symptoms.

Closest chaos

Alexis Diaz scored his first Premier League game for the Reds in their victory over the Guardians on Tuesday.

The Reds initially brought in Art Warren to close out the match, but blew it up by giving up his home run in the ninth game. Diaz was able to close it after the Reds moved up 10th. Diaz has some nice skills and could appear as a Cincinnati guy, but this has been a commission all along and I don’t expect it to change.

quick beats
Sal Perez left Tuesday’s game with a sprained thumb. He was placed in IL after the match. There is no clear timetable for his return, but given how quickly the team has moved, it looks like he could be out for a while.

JP Crawford left Tuesday’s game with an ankle injury. He stated after the match that it’s not a major thing and he should be fine going forward. Take it day in and day out for now.

Brandon Nemo left Tuesday’s game with an injury after being exposed to contaminants on the floor of his foot. Post-match X-rays were negative. Take it day in and day out for now.

Brian de la Cruz left Tuesday’s game with a forearm injury after hitting a field. The X-ray was negative after the match. Take it day in and day out for now.

Matt Duffy left the match against Rangers on Tuesday after colliding with Adulis Garcia on the field.

He was able to walk under his own power, but it was very ugly. Take it day in and day out for now.

Various news and notes

Tucker Davidson threw five goalless innings against the Brewers, allowing three hits and three walks while hitting three on the outing.

Davidson appears to be a two-deck player who throws either the passer or the fastball 87% of the time while only getting six total puffs on it. He’s not particularly overpowering, but he does a good job of limiting difficult contact and usually gets a fair amount of ground balls. This wasn’t an overly impressive outing, but it might be enough to get him another turn in the spin.

Zach Eflin threw six innings against the Padres, allowing one to run on five strokes and no walking rounds against the Padres.

Evelyn did very well on his first start in IL, spreading 33% CSW while relying heavily on a heavyweight and cutter. Evelyn has talent on his arm, but has struggled with persistence. It’s too early to tell if that’s happening here, but this is a nice sign that he might be on the right track.

Flowing jugs (<50% at CBS)

Jug of the day: none

Some interesting options, but they come with risks.

High-Risk Options: Nick Pevita vs HOU, Jordan Hicks vs NYM, Dane Dunning vs LAA, Daulton Jeffries vs MIN, Drew Smyly vs PIT. Zack Davis at LAD.

Jar of Tomorrow: Rich Hill vs. SEA

HIll has been pretty good quietly and has a great match here against the Mariners’ faltering attack.

High-Risk Options: Bruce Zimmermann vs NYY, Carlos Hernandez vs CHW, Glen Otto at HOu.

For those of you who would like to know how these shots work, I have a document I put together to track stats from recommended shooters. It does not include “high-risk options”.

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