Skip Bayless has ridiculous criticism of Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen

“Are you sure Josh Allen is that guy?”

This is the question Skip Bayless asked Shannon Sharpe undisputed After the Hall of Fame, the tight end predicted the Buffalo Bills would start and finish the season against the Los Angeles Rams and walk away with their first Lombardi Cup.

While Sharpe believed Allen was “that guy,” Bayliss said he wasn’t sure. He went on to say that Allen was on the next hot seat

“Is it? Thanks to Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe, Josh Allen is now officially in the hottest seat in the NFL and will have to live up to (the hype).”

Bayliss went on to explain why he felt Allen wasn’t “that guy” in the NFL.

I don’t (I think it’s that guy), Bayliss said to Sharpe. “I’m not convinced. I don’t know about the biggest intangible game. I know he lit it up against Mahomes and that was a back and forth, but the Kansas City defense was just a wreck man. I think I could complete two passes against him.”

Bayliss comment is absurd as it sounds. When it comes to the big games, few quarterbacks have been better than Allen.

Bayless ignored Allen’s performance against The Chiefs even though the quarterback threw four touchdown passes and a total of nearly 400 yards in the loss. Bayliss, of course, made no mention of Allen’s performance against the New England Patriots the previous week.

Against one of football’s greatest defensive minds, Allen and the Bells made their way with Patriots Bill Belichick. In the Wild Card Weekend match, Allen was nearly flawless. Complete 21 of 25 passes for 308 yards and five touchdowns. It would add another 66 yards on six gigs.

Bayless also ignored the fact that Allen has the highest passing game rating in NFL history (106.6) and that the quarterback has thrown 250 yards or more while rushing 50 yards in five of the six playoff games. No other QB in NFL history has had more than three games like this According to Jeff Kerr of CBS Sports,.

Although the Allen and the Bills haven’t hit the promised land yet, there is plenty of evidence to show that the quarterback has the “biggest intangible game.”

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