“There were 200 scratches, probably the size of a golf ball, in both cars:” The family was hit hard by a storm Monday evening

LINKWOOD, MD – Robin and Danny Bell’s family were preparing to leave their Linkwood home on Monday evening, until unexpected sounds came from outside. They even felt the house shaking.

“I was inside the house and next thing you know it sounded like a bunch of gunshots,” Danny Bell said.

“It was so scary, it was so high, I thought we were seeing a tornado that was so loud,” Robin Bell said.

Bills said that when they peeked out their window it was a strange sight and stirred up emotions.

“I was in a panic, I didn’t really know what to do,” Robin said.

“Some water started leaking into the house in areas that hadn’t done it before,” Danny said. “So we looked outside and started to see bits of white plastic flying away from the house and white balls flying over the house.”

It wasn’t long before they found out what exactly was capturing their attention.

“It was cold, almost below my knees, that’s how high it was,” Danny said.

While the storm only lasted 15-20 minutes, when the Bills got out of their house they saw holes all over the house.

“I saw the house, I just wanted to cry,” said Robin.

While their house was pelted with hail, their cars weren’t safe from the hail either.

“Just something you put your life into, just watch it torn to shreds,” Danny said. Then you know that both my car and my wife’s cars were destroyed. There were probably 200 golf ball-sized scratches in both cars.”

Now that the storm has passed, the family said as they left picking up their plots that they would never want to face this kind of storm again.

“I don’t think you can prepare for something like this and there is nothing you can really do,” Robin said.

The family said they have lived at this location for 18 years and have never been exposed to such cold. They also told us that while they saw the damage, they were only happy that their families were safe.

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