WTA in Rabat for the fourth day including Bondar and Kokova

The fourth day of the WTA event in Rabat may not feature the so-called “best players”, but it will almost certainly include a narrow number of exciting matches among the players who will be watching this week, with a poor tie in theory, as a huge potential for something What they were striving for. As always, here at LWOT we’ll be giving our predictions for every match on the schedule, but who will make it to the quarter-finals?

Women’s Tennis Association of Rabat, day 4

Anna Bondar vs. Christina Kokova

face to face: first meeting

Both guys had theoretically easy first rounds against players outside the top 250, but only Kristina Kokova did an easy job, losing only two games en route to victory. Anna Bondar entered the third set and was not so impressive in winning the first round; Although she is generally a better player (and highest ranked), Kucova seems to be in better shape at the moment and should have had enough to win here.

Prediction: Kucova in 3
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Dalma Julfi vs Arantexa Ross

face to face: Ross 1-0 Golfi

Their only previous encounter in 2018 was on hard ground and was handily won by Arantxa Rus, but this match likely won’t have any bearing on tomorrow’s showdown, which will be played on an entirely different surface and with players at very different stages of their careers. Ross still starts out as a simple favourite, but this is a very close match that could go either way. However, expect the Dutch woman to have a lot in return for Dalma Galvi.

Prediction: Ross at 3
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Clara Borrell vs Lucia Bronzetti

face to face: first meeting

Like the other matches here, this one is matched very evenly on paper. However, Lucia Bronzetti has shown an even higher level this year, with a few strong runs in Miami and winning the Australian Open where she won a tour before losing to eventual champion Ash Party. She looks like she might be ready to take the next step in her career and climb the rankings to enter the top 50 soon. A strong week here will help a lot in that regard and you should be successful in this match.

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