Yankees ‘Aaron Judge’ deeply upset after Camden Yards’ new left-field wall cost him a three-way match

Aaron Judge may have come back twice as part of a four-stroke night on Tuesday in the New York Yankees’ 5-4 win over the Baltimore Orioles (box points), but after the game he was in a breathing mood. Despite taking the win and producing an impressive singles base number, Judge was keen to express his annoyance with Camden Yards’ redesigned left-field proportions after they stole it from a potential hat-trick.

Judge’s frustration stems from his first game success, a weakness that would have been a home run had Orioles not installed a taller and deeper wall. Double Judge, who hit 399 feet per Statcast data, nearly left the park anyway. take a look:

“It’s a farce, man,” said the judge. According to Brian Hoch. “I am very upset. It now looks like creating a new garden.”

Yankees manager Aaron Boone took a similar shot of the Orioles and their build, I say how: “He had almost three (wrecks), but Build Your Own Park got him.”

The Orioles have adjusted their court dimensions over the course of the season in an effort to improve the shooting staff’s ability to keep balls in play. The new left field wall is about 30 feet from the main board than it was before, as well as five feet higher, according to a Baltimore Sun estimate.

These changes, along with dead baseball and possibly some talent improvements, have radically shifted home-run tendencies and overall production of left-hit balls in Camden this year versus the last several:













* TruMedia scale based on launch angle and exit velocity

Judge, 30, has a special reason to feel ripped off Camden’s new dimensions: He will qualify for free agency this winter after failing to reach a long-term extension with the Yankees. In other words, each rule is important as it relates to maximum profit. We don’t think those two additional rules will make or break him based on how he plays just yet. He went in at night and hit .296/.369/.632 (194 OPS+) with 12 hits. After his attack on the Orioles, he’s now battling .315/.384/.692 with 14 home runs.

Judge and the Yankees will play two more games against the Orioles this week before returning home to host the Chicago White Sox.

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