2022 NBA Finals: Will Draymond Green be the reason the Warriors win another title, or why will they wither?

BOSTON – Draymond Green is so many great things on and off the field, all coming together into a powerful mix capable of charging a championship team or making it so flammable that it can shatter those ambitions from within.

Green is the future of the Hall of Famer. Great defensive player all the time. Funny, candid, thoughtful voice in the episodes and their intersection with more important things. provocateur A broadcaster and radio presenter effectively broadcasting his career and his team’s quest for basketball immortality. A bold competitor – sometimes a rash -. Clutch closer which can also be concerned with self-destruction. A man likes to be called by others, but he will be upset even by simple criticism.

Green has been one of the main focus of the Warriors’ greatest achievements, and their most bitter disappointments.

That may be true more today than at any other time in his career, especially with his Golden State Warriors tied in Wednesday’s Game 3 of the NBA Finals Series with the Boston Celtics.

Effective Draymond is a world-class winner, a player who considers basketball’s individual influence and overall impact on his team as key to Warriors greatness. Golden State has never lost a seven-game playoff streak in which Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green started every match.

The need for Green to be cool and available is even more apparent now that Thompson looks dwindling and Green’s production in games 1 and 2 is directly linked to his team’s loss and win thus far against Boston.

Take Game 2: Green’s defense helped Jaylen Brown stop the Boston star’s hot start, which was key to a short circuit for the Celtics looking to put the series away early on. Green’s mind games can also be crucial, and they follow that fine line between just right and too much.

But this is green in a nutshell. He is a superstar so critical to his team’s greatness that he must calibrate his unique competitive fire and how he expresses himself to be a champion instead of a heel. His approach is one that straddles all the lines—between dirty and stubborn, between horrible and downright annoying, between restricting an opposing star or restricting his existence because he’s gone too far. between winning and losing.

The most visible example of Way-Too-Far Draymond was on full display during the 2016 NBA Finals. The Warriors were a June favorite to cement the epic 73-9 regular season and mantle of the league’s greatest team ever with a championship over LeBron James and 57-25 Cleveland Cavaliers.

But Green crossed that line in that series, hitting LeBron where (and when) he shouldn’t be. Late in Game 4, with Golden State still less than three minutes from its 3-1 lead in the series, Green’s actions halted him from a possible close match at the Warriors Stadium. Instead, the accident provided enough momentum to rally the Cavs all the way back, helping LeBron’s legacy by providing oxygen to fuel the greatest simultaneous comeback — and collapse — in NBA Finals history.

Greene bounced back to that streak again Sunday, earning himself an early technical foul, and then, as if daring officials to give him another, flirting with expulsion time after time. A play with Brown in particular, as they both fell to the ground after Green missed his three-point attempt, then kept his feet on the Celtics star, pulling some group shots from the Chase Center crowd.

The tension was palpable during the play’s run – and again, the idea of ​​Effective Draymond vs. Way-Too-Far-Draymond – was under review.

Warriors fans have seen this show before, and it’s a show they’d rather not be revived: their team is on a championship path, with Draymond at heart, and then that same superstar goes too far and costs the club dearly.

He wasn’t fired, and his nine points, five rebounds, seven assists, one steals and one block — plus his superb defense — helped the Warriors win.

But had he gone a little further in that play or several games that followed or had the right official been there on the wrong day, disaster could have hit the Golden State. second.

This is an example of a lot. There’s a Flagrant-2 missile that Green fired at Brandon Clark in Memphis earlier in this postseason. That didn’t lead to a comment, but it probably should have. Greene’s fingers were crossing the line that night, but he came out ahead.

Green moves from the ground

As his stardom and forethought truly gave him an unprecedented platform in real time, Greene’s tough talk and willingness to say what the hell he wanted called a new level of scrutiny and expectation — for him, sure, but also for his teammates.

One of the things Green could tell the media was that Flagrant-2 was nothing. It’s another thing to punish Charles Barkley, in the most influential place in the NBA, for not understanding the inherent lack of blame in Draymond Green. Memphis responded with a serious play that took Gary Payton II out of a large part of the post-season is definitely related.

Green’s podcast and her appearance on NBA On TNT are great for those outlets, for us fans, of Draymond Green. The jury is still out on whether it will benefit the Golden State Warriors.

Ask LeBron James about calling out the massive expectations and anxiety and ripping off the rest of the league. These things were crucial to the Heat’s failure to win the NBA title in the first year of the Big Three era in Miami.

The green is one of my favorite players in the game, and his style of rebelling on and off the field is captivating. Authenticity is rare, and it is rare to be paired with actual greatness. But sometimes an indifferent rebel has real consequences – for example in 2016, or maybe at some point in the series.

Go far on the field, almost as he did in Game 2, and the lack of playing time may be enough to turn things around the Celtics’ way. Go away, and the Celtics might find that extra motivation and anger in their report it’s time to silence the overconfident star, just as many wanted with LeBron & Co. in 2010.

The pressure is real, and so are the powers that Greene has the power to unleash.

They say don’t let your mouth write the checks your body can’t cash. In Draymond’s case, whether it’s the line he flirts with while playing or the lines he drops when he’s not, he must be wary of writing checks his team won’t be able to cash.

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