2022 WSOP – Day 7: Dan Smith Flying High Roller $50K

day 7 of 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) It’s all over and dusted, and what a wonderful day of poker it turned out to be. No less than three players become world champions, while five more events tumble into their courts as they prepare to craft the most coveted piece of poker jewelry.

Amnon Philip He won his first bracelet in Event #7: $1,500 Omaha High Low 8 or betterTournament that required an unscheduled fourth day. Chad Evslag He won his first bracelet and $1,415,610 when he came out on top Event #8: $25,000 from High Roller.

There was also the first WSOP bracelet for Alex Livingstonwho made his way to victory in Event #9: $1,500 in seven cards.

Far from winning bracelets, Dan Smith He advances into Event #12: $50,000 High Roller just two days after winning the $25,000 No-Limit No-Limit Hold’em Championship, while many other players are now within walking distance of their poker dreams of becoming champion WSOP World Series of Poker.

2022 World Series of Poker

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Smith Riding the Top of a Wave in the High $50,000 Roller Coaster

Dan Smith bracelet party

Dan Smith finally got off the unwanted mark of being the best no bracelet poker player when he won the $25,000 No-Limit No-Limit Hold’em tournament two days ago. Like a shark that tastes blood, Smith has a taste for poker gold as evidenced by his lead on the $50,000 High Roller.

Eighty-three players bought the game on day one, but only 23 of them made it through unscathed. Smith had 2,035,000 chips and was the only player to cross the two million chip mark. but, Michael Rocco (1,990,000) got close, as he did David Peters (1,910,000) looking for his fifth WSOP bracelet after finishing fourth last week.

Eight other players on this stacked field have already tasted victory in the WSOP event. they are Mikita Badziakowski (1,780,000), Corinth Chance (1,545,000), Andrew Lichtenberger (1,200,000), Eric Seidel (1,200,000), Elio Fox (920,000), Justin Bonomo (685000), Dylan Lindy (565000) and Ellis Barcinen (545,000).

Play resumes at 1:00 PM local time with late registration open until play begins.

Event #12: $50,000 for Top 10 Slides

Rank player nation number of chips
1 Dan Smith United State 2,035,000
2 Michael Rocco United State 1,990,000
3 David Peters United State 1,910,000
4 Dario Sammartino Italia 1,890,000
5 Mikita Badziakowski Belarus 1,780,000
6 Corinth Chance United State 1,545,000
7 Chris Hunichen United State 1,400,000
8 Andrew Lichtenberger United State 1200000
9 Eric Seidel United State 1200000
10 Brixten Schotten 1,190,000

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Big winning bracelet in the mix at housewarming event

Jordan Hefty
Jordan Hefty

Only 12 of the 20,080 players who started Housewarming still have chips in front of them, including certain chips. Jordan Hefty (42925000). Hufty won the 2018 staff event and is now only 11 disqualifications from receiving his second bracelet and what is an incredible $701,215 prize.

Hufty puts him in ninth place when play resumes at 1:00pm on June 7th, and he has plenty of work to do if he wants to dash into the current chip leaderboard. Christian Taylor He is the player who can be captured by collecting 221,300,000 chips. Only three others have more than 100 million. they are Isidro Martinez (155.000.000), Oryz Mukidi (125,450,000), and Henry Akin (108425000).

Event #5: $500 USD The Housewarming Top 10 Chip Counts

place player nation Chips
1 Christian Taylor United State 221,300,000
2 Isidro Martinez United State 155.000.000
3 Oryz Mukidi United State 125,450,000
4 Henry Akin United State 108425000
5 Darnell White United State 76975000
6 Jin Yuqiang United State 74,775,000
7 Yavin Brewer United State 70325000
8 Sridhar Sanganagari United State 67875000
9 Jordan Hefty United State 42925000
10 Jared Kingery United State 30825000

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Ohel leads $10,000 of select dealers to go into Day Three

Randy Ohel
Randy Ohel

Only 15 of the 123 out of 123 players who started the dealer’s choice of $10,000 remain in contention for the title, $299,488 jackpot, and of course the championship bracelet. that it Randy Ohel (1,101,000) will be the most trusted on day two because he is in an envious position as the chip leader.

However, any of the 14 players in the stalking pack would also make a worthy champion and they certainly aren’t just there to make up the numbers. Ten other bracelet winners are still in the quest, including three-time champions Nick Shulman (904,000) and Greg Muller (377000) Four-time champion Jeff Madsen (573,000), five-time winner bracelet Brian Rast (574000).

Everything points to this even with an exciting finale, and PokerNews will be with you every step of the way starting at 2:00 PM local time on June 7.

Event #10: $10,000 Dealer Choice for 6 Hands Top 10 Chip Tournament

Rank player nation number of chips
1 Randy Ohel United State 1,101,000
2 Naoya Kihara Japan 927000
3 Nick Shulman United State 904,000
4 Tuan Lu United State 635000
5 Brian Rast United State 574,000
6 Jeff Madsen United State 573,000
7 Christopher Claassen United State 521000
8 Joao Vieira Portugal 440,000
9 Greg Muller Canada 377000
10 Ben Diebold United State 325000

Will Ohel get the job done in picking the $10,000 trader?

Senior Specialist in Large Fields Fasakin Stacks Rise in $600 Deepstack Stack

Femi Fashkin
Femi Fashkin

Femi Fashkin He knows his way around the big field championship. In 2019, Fashkin won The Big 50, scoring 28,371 papers to win a WSOP bracelet and $1,147,449 in prize money. He now finds himself topping the chip count in the $600 No-Limit Deepstack Hold’em, a tournament that drew 5,720 participants.

Fashakin finished the first day with 3,215,000 chips, a batch so big that the WSOP team had to color it so they could fit their chips into one bag overnight. The sum of his stacks contains nearly a million more than the runner-up Roberto Bendick (2,235,000). While there are still 289 players left in this event, the ball is firmly in Vachkin’s court.

Further down the chip count you find Georgios SoteropoulosThree-time winner of the WSOP bracelet. The Greek star returns to the action armed with 1,125,000 chips. Ankush Mandavia (605000) is another owner of some poker machines until the second day, as is Yuri Dzivilevsky (540,000), Kevin McVeigh (510,000) and Men “Mr” Nguyen (409,000).

Play will resume at noon local time on June 7.

Event #11: $600 No-Limit Hold’em Deepstack Top 10 Chips

Rank player nation number of chips
1 Femi Fashkin United State 3,215,000
2 Roberto Bendick United State 2,235,000
3 Ryan Dodd United State 1,890,000
4 Junxiu Zhang United State 1,775,000
5 Stanislav Snitsar United State 1,725,000
6 gyu hyeol United State 1,695,000
7 Capernaum Israel 1,555,000
8 Eric Caglis Canada 1,490,000
9 Raul Bravo United State 1,475,000
10 Felipe Valdes United State 1,470,000

Don’t miss out on any of Deepstack’s $600 worth of work

Fixed Limit Guru Hsiung tops a number of Hold’em Day 1 with a $1500 limit

Kenny Hsiung
Kenny Hsiung

Kenny Hsiung (248,500) topped the chip count after the first day of the $2,500 Limit Hold’em event, as the 522 strong field was reduced to a more manageable 160 after 15 move levels. Hsiung won his bracelet at the $3,000 edition of this event back in 2012 and is now in pole position to secure a second.

Venkata Thai (238000) returns to work in second place. Al-Taie came close to winning this event in 2017 but eventually fell to second place. No doubt he will do his best to finish one place deeper this time.

There are some very talented fixed-limit players among the 160 returning players, including John Kate (168500), Tom Schneider (157500), Ramy Boukai (129,000), former main event champion Joe McKean (114000), Brandon Shack Harris (48500), the title holder Yuval Bronstein (42500).

Play resumes at 2:00 PM local time with a plan to play ten levels for one hour.

Event #12: Top 10 Hold’em Chips with $1500 Limit

Rank player nation number of chips
1 Kenny Hsiung United State 248500
2 Venkata Thai United State 238000
3 did not reach United State 208000
4 David J United State 188000
5 Frank Jacobson United State 173000
6 John Kate Norway 168500
7 Wendy Friedman United State 164000
8 Brian Nichols United State 163000
9 Thanh Kao United State 158000
10 Tom Schneider United State 157500

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