Amidst the shooting stagnation, Golden State Warriors player Klay Thompson relives ‘wonderful moments’ online

BOSTON — Klay Thompson smiled when the Golden State Warriors guard was told how he’s shooting 10 for 33 in the NBA Finals.

“Thanks for reminding me of my fantastic shot percentage,” Thompson said on Tuesday of his 30.3% effort so far.

Sometimes when Thompson is in a shooting rut, he reminds himself of much better times, perhaps hoping to rediscover his own shooting touch. Thompson said he goes to YouTube and watches some of his greatest songs from time to time — in particular, “Game 6 Klay.”

“That’s the beauty of playing in today’s afternoon,” Thompson said. “You can go to YouTube and find all your great moments.”

As he prepared for what he hopes will be a Game 3 shooting game in Boston on Wednesday, Thompson was asked about the last time he was online watching himself throw threes.

“Maybe I did yesterday, actually,” he said on Tuesday before training the Warriors. “I remember being in college. When you’re going through a shooting slump, the Video guys would have had a great game when everything seemed to be in unison, your body was doing well, and that ball was flowing from your fingertips.”

When asked which video highlights him when he needs inspiration, Thompson referenced his famous playoff character.

“Oh my God, maybe it was just Klay 6 on YouTube,” Thompson said. “Because there were some very stressful situations I was in. I ended up shooting the ball really well. When you can do it when your back is against the wall you can do it at any moment. It’s just about keeping that sanity. Strong.”

Warriors can use “Game 6 Klay” in Boston. While the series was tied 1-1, Stephen Curry carried a lot of Golden State’s offensive load. He averages 31.5 points per game. The next Warrior to score is Andrew Wiggins, averaging 15.5 points per game. Thompson averages 13.0 points but is out of Game 2 firing 4 for 19 overall and 1 for 8 only of 3.

That’s a far cry from Thompson who built a reputation to shine in Game 6s in the playoffs. He averaged 20.7 points and 4.2 three-pointers in a 6s game. But he scored 41 points and had 11 3-pointers in Game 6 against Oklahoma City in the 2016 Western Conference Finals and had 30 points against Toronto in Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals before tore a left ACL.

Thompson scored 30 points and drilled eight three-pointers in Game Six of the second round this post-season to eliminate Memphis. In his last seven 6-second games, Thompson has averaged 28.1 points and six three-pointers.

Little did Carrey know that Thompson would occasionally return and see the highlights of his better days of filming. “All right, do it,” said Carey. But he also said that Thompson never looks or acts like a shooter struggling when things don’t go his way.

“History has shown with him that there is no predictor,” Carey said. “He can just take it to another level. The regular season, the playoffs, he always found a way to move himself. Especially in the playoffs, just to make a high impact. Usually it’s really high.

“His demeanor never changes… If you saw him now, you would think he averages 50 in this series. He took a very confident look at him. That’s the best thing about him.

“It’s all about the work you’re doing, it’s about the mindset. He doesn’t need any learning points about that. That’s why there’s so much confidence that he can explode at any moment.”

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