Assistant coaches David Visdel, Mike Pineberty, John Lucas III left the Los Angeles Lakers

New Lakers coach Darvin Hamm began making up his coaching staff by telling assistants David Fizdale, Mike Pineberty and John Lucas III on Tuesday that they would not be retained, sources told ESPN.

Sources told ESPN that Hamm will take on assistant coaches Phil Handy and Quinton Crawford as coaches from Frank Vogel’s coaching staff.

“I like coaches who like to roll up their sleeves and be able to get out there,” Hamm said during his introductory press conference when asked about filling his seat.

“Where I’ve come from from the last nine years, we’ve done everything. We’ve developed the players. We’ve done exploration. I’ve had to step in as head coach on a few occasions. But it was a team. The basketball is for our team offensively and defensively. So, I am looking forward to building this similar type of staff.”

Handy was first hired by the Lakers as a player development coach in 2011-12, around the same time Hamm began as an assistant coach in the NBA in Los Angeles under Mike Brown. Handy went on to be part of the championship teams with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors before returning to Los Angeles and being promoted to full assistant coach.

Crawford played college basketball at the University of Arizona and was hired by the Lakers in 2019 after previously working for Vogel as a video coordinator with the Orlando Magic. He has also worked as a video coordinator at the Sacramento Kings and Charlotte Hornets. His father, Jerome Crawford, worked for the Lakers as a security guard for Shaquille O’Neal in the early 2000s.

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