Bastoni, Torres, Lenglet, Putman – Tottenham line up many central defender options

The rumors have been on the quiet side a bit for a week or so now, and there’s a reason for that – most of the world’s top players are staying away from their national teams in the Nations League, World Cup qualifiers, or friendlies. But this week the players will start returning to their clubs and the rumors are already starting to surface again. As expected, Tottenham Hotspur are in the midst of it.

Thanks to Antonio Conte and Fabio Paratici, the environment of the Italian football media that he once mocked has taken on a new level of importance, especially since one of the goals of Tottenham is the Italian defender and Inter Milan defender Alessandro Bastoni. (However, you remain skeptical of anything coming from Italy not via Gianluca DiMarzio.) We know the training now because these rumors have been teasing for some time: Bastoni loves Inter and doesn’t want to leave but might do so anyway because Inter is simple and can push him out of The door is for Spurs if they put in a big enough bid.

This has not changed. In fact, Fabrizio Romano has new quotes from Bastoni himself that are basically just kicking the can on the road.

It sounds bad, but it’s all sound and rage, it says nothing. If you are a professional footballer who is tightly tied to a big financial deal away from your club, this is exactly the type of statement you would make before there was any actual news about your transfer. “I am an Inter Milan player.” Yes, my friend, you are. So far.

But there are some reports out tonight from Italy that could affect calculus in everything. The first is courtesy of Alfredo Pedulla, who has claimed that Torino defender Gleason Bremer has decided he wants to move to Inter, and that the two clubs are close to an agreement.

This is important, as Bremer will cost a fair amount of money, and it is not unreasonable to suspect that if this is true, it is a sign that Inter may be spending money up front from a future sale of Spades to Spurs.

However, there is also a new wrinkle: Sky Italia (via Get Italian Football News) also reports that Tottenham are now planning a deal with Villarreal for Pau Torres, a deal that could include midfielder Giovanni Lo Celso.

Bastoni may be a new hot spot at the moment, but Tottenham desperately wanted Torres last summer and didn’t lose him and he is also a very good defender. That doesn’t mean Spurs are giving up their pursuit of Bastoni, but it does mean that Barracci will likely line up multiple targets (as he would love to do) should the Baston deal fail. Similar links have recently been with Barcelona’s Belgian defender Clement Lenglet, as well as with Lille Sven Putman.

What does this mean? My friends, I have no idea. I think Spurs would probably want Bastoni if ​​there was any chance of getting him, and it would be a Slam dunk signing at any cost. But having multiple options is a good thing. If Spurs wind up somewhat with Pau Torres at a good price (with Gio going the other way), I can certainly live with that possibility. Or it could be something else coming out of nowhere.

Regardless, this LCB position is of paramount importance to Conte, Barracci and Tottenham. Conte will want this person signed, stamped and delivered by the start of pre-season, so I doubt we’ll have to wait much longer. Fasten seat belts.

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