Bayern Munich star Jamal Musiala talks about the differences between Hansi Flick and Julian Nagelsmann

Ahead of Germany’s highly anticipated UEFA Nations League match against England, Bayern Munich star Jamal Musiala sat down with the BBC for an interview and spoke through a couple of surrounding hot topics. Manshaft dies and the Rekordmeister.

When asked about the differences between his coaches for club and country, Musiala was able to point out the nuances that each manager brings to the pitch.

“We play a very offensive match with Julian Nagelsmann at Bayern Munich, sometimes only three at the back and many forwards in front. It is all about controlling and centering on the ball but also good counter-pressing to get the ball back right after losing it,” said Musiala. With Germany more aggressive, as it was when he was at Bayern Munich. We want to get the ball back from the top of the field to start the attacks. It also means that the opponents are far from the goal. We put in our extreme pressure a lot in training.”

As for his role with Germany, Musyala wants to be a vital part of the squad.

“I am desperate to do well and make myself a part of this team – my first World Cup would be a great feeling. I want to move a bit, more fitness, more stamina, better goal-scoring positions, defensive discipline,” Musyala said. “Dribbling in tight spaces, precise control, and hitting players is something I have always loved to do. I’ve been training these movements since I was little with my dad. He encouraged me to take on the guys and beat them – and I’ve always kept that with me. In Germany we have a league in the academy from under 10 years old, while in England we don’t have a league even under 18. You have much less pressure and more time to develop yourself and you can play more freely. With tactics here in Germany, you are taught to win at a young age.”

Given his current trajectory, Musiala is definitely one of the players whose role will continue to grow.

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