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Oriol fans had to be disappointed to learn that Grayson Rodriguez, his best shot, could be out until at least September and possibly the rest of the season due to muscle fatigue. The terminal muscle is located below the shoulder blade and, as an important primary component, plays a major role in the mechanics of throwing.

Executive Vice President/General Manager Mike Elias told reporters on Sunday that if Rodriguez doesn’t return by September, the 2023 season could start with the Orioles.

Rodriguez was close to joining the Orioles, but when he left the Triple A Norfolk match on June 1Street After 5 2/3 runs. Elias could not hide his disappointment. “The timing of this really stinks,” he said. “He was basically going to check every box you could think of as far as his little league job.”

The Orioles hope Rodriguez can play again this year. Rodriguez has only thrown 56 runs this season. If he goes back for the last month, maybe he can add 20 or 30 rounds.

Although Rodriguez threw 105 2/3 innings last year with High-Aberdeen and Double-A Bowie, Elias has yet to set any limit on his roles in 2022, only hope he will be able to complete the season.

It’s too early to speculate how many roles Rodriguez could play next season, but it would be better if he could build up his roles before the end of the season.

Rodriguez is the third shooter to suffer a major injury this season. The rookie, John Maines, has had Tommy John’s surgery, which may not allow him to participate until a year from now. Another possibility, Kyle Brnovich, acquired in the trade for starter Dylan Bundy, also had Tommy John undergo surgery.

Throwing is an unnatural movement and most shooters, even successful ones, suffer serious injuries.

Among the top 10 active leaders in their acquired average range – Clayton Kershaw, Jacob de Groom, Chris Seal, Max Scherzer, Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasbourg, Corey Klopper, Hyun Jin Ryo, Justin Verlander and Madison Baumgarner – all have been injured except Cole. This cost them a long time.

Until a year ago, Rodriguez, considered the best player in baseball, was assumed to follow DL Hall in the major leagues. Hall was the best pick for Orioles in 2017, and Rodriguez was the top pick for 2018.

Hall started 2021 with Bowie and Rodriguez in Aberdeen, but when Hall sustained an elbow injury last June, Rodriguez jumped ahead of him. Now, barring another health setback, it looks like Hall could debut in the league ahead of Rodriguez.

Hall is suspended in Sarasota to start the season. After making five solid rounds on Sunday for Norfolk, he threw 29 1/3 innings. With his next start, he will pass the innings of 2021 totaling 31 2/3 runs.

His five innings were the season’s highest, and he threw 72 throws, allowing two runs on two strokes, and hit nine, another high of the season. He issued two marches.

The only concern about Hall is his control. He walked in 13 strokes in 21 2/3 rounds in the tides, averaging 5.4 for every nine runs.

A decade ago when fans were eager for the Orioles to promote Bundy, who at the time was a top favorite, former manager Buck Showalter told reporters: Four walks in Bowie are more strolls here.

Elias wants to make sure Hall stays in the rotation for the rest of the season. It’s fair to wonder if Hall’s roles are limited, and why those roles don’t come with the Orioles, and the guesswork here is that Hall isn’t far from being promoted.

As Rodriguez begins his rehab in Sarasota and Hall awaits his call-up, catcher Adley Rutschman continues to learn at the major league level.

Rochman, who enters Tuesday’s game with the Chicago Cubs at 0-for-17, continued to play a solid defense and continued to tackle the Orioles’ field staff.

His offensive struggles and .137 striking average should come as no surprise. This often happens to major potential clients.

After out for a year in 2020 due to the pandemic, Rutschman played only 179 minor league games, going nearly as many times as losing (110 to 124).

In his first two weeks in the majors, Rochman hit 15 times and walked only four times.

A year ago, Pedro Severino, the average Orioles hunter, hit 0.248 with 11 home runs and 46 RBIs, but Severino was a below average defensive hold.

Even with Rochman struggling on the plate, the Orioles are a more solid defensive team than they were in 2021. Backing him Robinson Chirinus, he hits just 0.13, but the combination of Rochman and Chirinus helped make Rochman that much better. The season it was a year ago.

On Monday, the team announced that two bright potential players, Gunnar Henderson and Jordan Westberg, had been promoted from Bowie to Norfolk.

Henderson, still in his 20s, had a tough time in Aberdeen in 2021, but this year he starred with the Bisox with a 1.025 OPS, and walked more times (41) than he did.

It will be interesting to watch Henderson and Westburg progress with the tides and see if their early upgrades to Triple-A are a sign that their time with the Orioles is near.

The top talent in the minor league is being transferred fast and challenging, and if they show up in Norfolk we might see them sooner than expected.

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