Draymond Green could have “fk out” in the ’80s

Boston Celtics star Cedric Maxwell said Sunday night that Golden State Warriors big man Draymond Green’s actions during Game Two of the NBA Finals would have made him “miss the game” in his day.

Greene, who was clearly flogged by the Celtics in Sunday’s Dubs Series blast, left his leg on Jaylen Brown’s head after the two got entangled and then tried to pull Brown’s pants off while awake — two incidents Maxwell said would have led to clashes on his reign.

Instead, Green, who often seems to get away with his ’80s-style physicality, somehow avoids the second technical blunder.

“Let me just tell you this, and I’ll be as clear as I can. What was Draymond Green doing?” Maxwell, who joined CLNS Media in Boston with Seattle Supersonics player Gary Payton after the game, said during the ’80s he was going to be out of the race.

“That’s the difference in our basketball, our basketball is different,” Payton replied.

Then Maxwell shook his head, laughing and saying “motherf-ker” several times while imitation of the elbow, head-locking and punching.

You were going to take it out of the air and cut it. You were going to put it all the way in there,” Payton said, pointing to the basket on the other end of the court.

Maxwell, who won two titles with the Celtics during the 1980s, has been the WBZ-FM colorist in Boston for Celtics games for the past 21 years, including Sunday’s NBA Finals game.

His evaluation of Greene, though impure, was also accurate. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar once punched a Celtics player in the face just because he elbowed in the stomach; Green color Eliminate three players as an NFL defender It probably wouldn’t have ended well in the ’80s.

Maxwell continued over Payton’s shoulder as he tried to answer a question about his son, Warrior Guard Gary Payton II: “Dirty ass bitches.

“Nowadays,” Payton replied, “we’d pollute them, too.”

“They were looking at him [Payton’s former SuperSonics teammate] Shawn Kemp, down his damn boots,” Maxwell added with a laugh.

Green responded to Maxwell’s comments while in the media on Tuesday with a tepid argument that the ’80s wasn’t really the most physical time.

“Some of the men who talk were not the men who punch people,” Green said. Perhaps that’s generally true, but Maxwell once attacked a Sixers fan in the stands, “round hall punches” Charles Barkley and said Celtics teams had bonuses paid when he stomped an opponent’s chest after they took a charge.

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