Draymond Green gives Golden State Warriors a ‘position adjustment’ in a dominant win in Game 2

SAN FRANCISCO – 11 seconds into Game Two of the NBA Finals, Draymond Green tied Al Horford to force a jump ball before the Golden State Warriors forced a spin.

Greene was intent on sending a message, not to the Boston Celtics but a message to his team. Setting the tone By harassing Celtics ball coaches and talking a lot about trash, Green gave the Warriors the “attitude adjustment” they needed even in the series with their 107-88 win in Game Two on Sunday at Chase Center.

Stephen Curry scored 29 points, Jordan Bull lost 17, as the Warriors edged out the Celtics 20-14 on their own in a game-changing third quarter to help Golden State go at 41-14 from halftime.

“It was definitely an attitude adjustment,” Green said.

“They are who we thought they were. So we knew we had to keep our foot on the throttle and not flinch, and we did.”

One game after watching Boston make 9 of 12 three-pointers in the fourth quarter to steal Game 1, the Warriors grabbed the Celtics with a 37.5% lead in the shot in Game Two. While Jason Tatum scored 6 of 9 3s and scored 28 points on Sunday, the state contained Tatum’s support team.

Horford, Marcus Smart and Derek White combined to shoot just 6-23 from the field in Game 2. In Game 1, the Boston trio alone buried 15-23 from a 3-point range.

The Warriors tweaked a few things by having Green defend Jaylen Brown and start Klay Thompson at Horford. Brown shot 5 for 17 and scored 17 points, but Horford stopped by two.

“The guys follow me on that side of the ball,” Green said of setting the tone defensively. “If I don’t send a message, who is sending that message?”

Curry said Green really started setting the tone for the Warriors minutes after they lost 120-108 in the first game. When asked when he knew he would see the green on Sunday, Curry replied, “About five minutes after the first game. That’s it. I needed to see and hear.”

“I thought everyone was more engaged,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said after Sunday’s game. “It was very clear, only our strength level and our physicality were boosted up a bit, and it had to be.”

The Warriors only led 52-50 at the end of the first half of Game Two. But they beat Boston 35-14 in the third quarter and pushed their lead to 93-64 with 10:45 left in the fourth.

Curry scored 14 of his points in the third quarter, hitting three while taking Green’s lead and playing a solid defense.

“Steve was breathtaking that quarter,” Kerr said. “Not only the shots but the defensive effort.”

Paul, who was suspended with nine points in the first game, buried two three-point bombs in the last 30 seconds of that agonizing third quarter, including 39 feet that came two steps from halfway, near the “R” in Chase’s center logo. the stadium.

“Obviously, that was a huge opportunity to get fans in,” Carey said. “Put some kind of dagger on that great third quadrant we had.”

Now, the Warriors are heading to Boston not only “in a lot of mental space,” Green said, but with confidence that they know what it takes to win on the road in the playoffs.

Golden State has won at least one road game in 26 consecutive postseason series in the NBA.

“We put ourselves back in a position where we could dominate the series,” said Green, who finished the game with nine points, seven assists and five rebounds. “Now we have no control over it yet. But we have put ourselves in a position to control it.”

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