Eagles News: Nick Sirianni sees ‘big difference’ in Jalen Hurts

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Eagles coach Nick Siriani on Galen Hurts: ‘I notice a huge difference’ – ESPN
According to coach Nick Siriani, the work of Eagles quarterback Galen Hurts over the past several months has been shining through during the team’s off-season training programme. “I notice a huge difference,” he told ESPN’s Sal Paulantonio. “What I see is a crisp ball. The precision I was very happy with. You can only see him making strides every day with pinpoint accuracy because of the basics he has in his feet and upper body.” Hurts spent part of the offseason with quarterback coaches in Southern California, focusing primarily on his foot movement and firing. Attack coordinator Shane Steichen said the results are evident in the speed of his fall and the timing of his throws. It also helps that Hurts have been in the same offensive system for consecutive seasons for the first time since high school. “That was so pivotal in going through the season…just being decisive there on the field, knowing pretty much where I’m going with the ball based on the looks they give me,” said Hurts. “There’s a natural maturation there, as I’ve always said.”

Solo Eagles 7 June tickets on sale – Leva (BGN)
Philadelphia Eagles single-game tickets for all 10 home games (one pre-season, nine regular seasons) and one open training camp at Lincoln Financial Stadium in 2022 will go on sale Tuesday, June 7, starting at 10:00 a.m. ET, according to to a newspaper. Official team announcement. If you want tickets, you better act fast! They are always on the rise and the level of interest certainly hasn’t waned after an exciting season. If you miss a game, you may be able to get tickets for this year’s only bootcamp. This number is less than the two they usually do.

Sixers Daily with Jas Kang – Brandon Lee Gutton of Bleeding Green Nation on Joel Embiid’s window in Philly, Doc Rivers stuck nearby, plus some vultures talking after a busy break – Liberty Ballers
In this episode, Bleeding Green Nation’s Brandon Lee Guton joins Jas to discuss the Sixers’ offseason so far, including Joel Embiid’s window to win a championship at Philly, why Doc Rivers remains stuck, plus the Sixers will be willing to part with Tyrese Maxi Donovan Mitchell? Next, they get into some Eagles talk, including: * The Eagles’ out-of-season rating. * Outlook with A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith as lead receivers. * What is the team ceiling with Jalen Hurts as QB? * What would be considered a successful season for the Eagles?

Where do the Eagles fall in depth rather than depth after the 2022 NFL Draft: Offense Edition – PhillyVoice
Are the Eagles in good shape here relative to the rest of the league? At the moment, while Hurts has intangibles that are intriguing and has a running ability, he still has a long way to go as a passer, and at the moment cannot be considered among the top half of the NFL quarterback. There was a belief that the Minshew could be in a bargain at the right price, but with the Eagles’ roster improving so much this season, they may not be too quick to take it on with the understanding that they can compete in 2022. It’s a better bet that Minshew will stay at Philly this season, unless the Eagles stunned with a show. The Eagles are certainly in better shape than a fair number of teams around the league, and most of them won’t sniff out the playoffs. If The Birds make the playoffs this season, the teams they are likely to face in January are the ones who might not compare favorably in the quarterback.

New Look Front Office – Eagles Blitz
Ferrari previously held the position of Vice President of Football Operations and Compliance. His background is mainly as an administrator. He has been with the Eagles since 2016. He worked for Ferrari in the league before that. Halabi served as Vice President of Football Operations and Strategy. His background is in analytics. This phrase comes up a lot these days. Eagles tries to use data to help make decisions that include game strategy, player ratings, and roster building. This will be his 15th season with the team so he knows the organization and how things work. It also means that Halabi has some friends and enemies. Some members of Chip Kelly’s crew didn’t like him. Doug Pederson and some of his coaches felt the same way. We haven’t heard much from the current coaches. Halabi is highly regarded by Jeff Lowry and Howie Rosman. This is how it has stayed around for so long.

Eagles Front Desk Reworked: Has GM Howie Roseman Consolidated Power? – the athlete
The optimist says … Wolf: If the goal is for everyone in the organization to go in the same direction, a staff of Rosman loyalists would make perfect sense. And if this is a continuation of the process that led to the moves in the last two offside seasons, all the better. Berman: If you think you’re hiring smart, talented people, they should be driven to get bigger jobs elsewhere. If other teams are not interested in your employees, they are not as talented as you think. So turnover is a good thing to expect, and it’s an opportunity to reimagine a forward-looking and forward-thinking front desk rather than just trying to fill office chairs. The pessimist says…WOLF: Let’s see what happens when times get tough. Berman: There’s a reason the Eagles wanted a strong CEO in the first place. Brain drain also poses challenges. Internal promotions can be beneficial – reward those you do business with every day, and have more insight into them than anyone else – but they can also lead to the recruitment of candidates who offer you the most comfort.

Carson Wentz makes the most of what could be his last shot – MMQB
There are already six guys heading to the scouts: former Jags GM Dave Caldwell, former Broncos deputy Matt Russell, new players directors Chuck Walls (hired from Cleveland) and Alan Wolking (internal promotion), scouting manager Brandon Hunt (hired from Pittsburgh) and chief scouting manager Anthony Patch. Caldwell and Russell’s executive experience, and Patch’s experience with Philly, should help nominate Walls, Wolking and Hunt to rise to the role of senior scouts. And while Patch, Caldwell, and Russell Walking do not live in Philly, technological advances in the past few years will make it very easy for all of them to remain closely involved. (Walls and Hunt are moving to Philly, and they’ll be working from the office.) […] I expect we’ll see someone as VP Players in 2023, and I don’t think scouting will be a less pervasive part of the process now, despite what the titles might lead you to believe. Yes, Halabi’s new title makes him the highest-ranking man in the NFL with a purely analytical background. But the Eagles have been analytics heavy since the 1990s, so sharing data into the equation isn’t at all new here.

Why Fitzpatrick says he “hates” confronting Fletcher Cox – NBCSP
“Fitzpatrick: I’ve always hated confronting Fletcher Cox. Just — I don’t know, he’s a scary guy and loves to talk there.” Shifter: What does he say? “Fitzpatrick: Oh, a lot of stuff. Not meant for podcasts.” Fletcher totally torments Fitzmagic here! I love how talkative the Eagles’ defensive line is. Between Cox and Graham, opposing offenders must have been utterly fed up with trash talk from the final whistle. But how did Fitzpatrick actually perform against the Eagles and Cox?

The three best NFL defensive players of all time? Aaron Donald, Lawrence Taylor Among the Answers – NFL.com
As a Philly native and a teenage Eagles fan during the Secretary of Defense’s party, I have an emotional investment in Reggie White. His unique combination of speed and power – who could forget his signature camber movement? Easily made him one of the most dominant defensive players in history.

Is Terek Hill a Hall of Fame? Football Strangers
Is DeSean Jackson a Hall of Famer? or not???? Jackson produced 40-yard receptions compared to Terrell Owens and many other Hall of Famers. He’s almost certainly in the top ten of all-time in this category, with deep threats like James Lofton and Henry Ellard possibly between him and Moss. Lance Allworth may be up there too, but going back much further in the history of professional football and no one has produced 70 receptions for over 40 years because receivers like Paul Warfield or Bullet Bob Hayes haven’t caught many passes. Jackson is now over 10,000 career yards, has some distinct moments as a returning man, and owns several other minor Hall of Famer characteristics. It lacks anything close to a season of MVP caliber or any contributions to really great teams. Jackson’s career would have looked different if he had arrived in Philly a few seasons ago, settled in Tampa Bay a few years later, been healthy more often, etc. As it stands, Jackson belongs in the same class as Joey Galloway or Flipper Anderson, with Henry Ellard and Stanley Morgan above them. Jackson would make a great member of the Eagles Ring of Honor.

Report: Cowboys TE Dalton Schultz to skip voluntary OTAs, ‘frustrated with contract state talks’ – The Boys blogging
Dallas has a mandatory mini camp starting next Tuesday (June 14), so it makes sense for Schultz to be there for that, but this week is clearly going to be a bit tense given his decision to pull out. Skipping volunteering isn’t unusual for NFL players, but this situation with Schultz is a bit exciting because he’s already signed for the franchise which is why he can’t skip anything mandatory. If Schultz really wants to look for a new deal, it makes sense not to sign it and move things up to the eleventh hour in mid-July as many players have done before him. Truth be told, this is one of the last “moves” that Schultz has to play and his acting seems like the best option for him at this time.

Confidence Boost: Rewatching your 2021 4-game winning streak (weeks 10-13) – Hogs Haven
The leaders of the Washington 2022 should be a more offensive team than the Washington 2021 soccer team was. It’s easy to overshadow the final quarter of the 2021 season, overshadowing the outlook for next year. Believe me when I say this – watching the four games that make up the best part of the 2021 season for Washington can do a lot to shine a light on what this team can be. During those 4 weeks Ron Rivera’s side looked so good…watching their 4-game 2021 winning streak this week (and even losing to the Cowboys the week after) brought back the good feeling I thought was going to be lost until I saw evidence of a turnaround in 2022 I feel much better now than I have been feeling confident color from me this week.

Monday Football Monday #91: Building All-Star Teams Uniquely – SB Nation NFL Show
It’s time to play! RJ Ochoa and Pete Sweeney start the week back and forth picking his favorite players for the majority of positions in the league but there is a twist.

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