Evgeny Kuznetsov: review of the 2021-22 season

The season of Evgeny Kuznetsov’s comeback fed the soul.

in numbers

79 Matches played
20.3 Snowboard time for each game
24 Objectives
54 helps
49.7 Shot Attempt Ratio 5 out of 5
48.2 5-on-5 expected target ratio
54.9 5-on-5 target ratio

Visualization by HockeyViz

About this visualization: This infographic series by Micah Blake McCurdy of hockeyviz.com shows a lot of information for the player during the season. Brief description of each graph:

  • Most popular teammates over 5 out of 5
  • Ice time for each game, broken down by game state
  • Adjusted 5-on-5 shot attempts by team (black) and opponents (red)
  • 5 out of 5 shot ratio by team (black) and opponents (red)
  • Individual scoring events by player
  • Modified offensive 5-on-5 (black) and defensive (red) zones begin

Fan happiness survey

On this perception: Three times during the season, RMNB shared an open poll with fans, asking each player the following question:

On a scale of 1 to 5, how happy are you to have this player on the team?

1 means he’s not very satisfied with her inclusion in the team
2 means unhappy
3 Means “Neither Happy nor Unhappy”
4 means HAPPY
5 means it’s a pleasure to be on the team

The numbers above show the average player scores in each survey period.

exit interview

take Peter


I wouldn’t spend time replaying the nonsense series that made Kuznetsov’s last seasons so bleak; It is in the link above. Let’s just say he’s been pretty bad for a while, and the Capitals were pretty close – like a super duper – to trade it on last season’s deadline. But they didn’t, and literally everyone is glad they didn’t.

A little behind on his best season of his career (2018, lead) in terms of goals and assists (24, 54), Kuznetsov was definitely Washington’s most. cheerful Forward, which means more to me because the team is growing slower and less adventurous.

It is also worth noting that Kuznetsov played 79 matches, more than any other player and drew with Wehrvary. In a season packed with injuries and COVID protocol, Kuznetsov has always been and can be counted on.

I would like to see him shoot more, especially soon after gaining territory. Watching the top streak get rejected at the blue streak or throw the disc in a long possession battle really bothers me. We all know that this is not the kind of hockey that Kuznetsov should play, except I think for coaches. One of the dirty secrets about Kuznetsov is that he’s not the strongest two-way player, and clearly neither is his partner Alex Ovechkin. The success of this top line really required an elite puck drive with rear check bits. When Kuznetsov lost Tom Wilson on his wing in the first game of the playoffs, the top streak was basically cooked.

Anyway, a huge season by Evgeny Kuznetsov, which is a good option if you are looking for a favorite Caps player.

According to Orson Welles

I don't think brilliance is the word.  Genius.  Still, his victory is without ceremonies.  His banter makes my teeth itch, but the cuteness is real blue.

Birdman on RMNB

Your turn

Cosi is the best, right? What is the past is the past, right? What is missing from his game now?

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