‘Glook-sister’: The Golden State Warriors do their best — but fail — to pronounce Massachusetts cities

The key word here is attempt.

In the two-minute clip, which has been viewed more than 70,000 times, various players make hilarious, naughty attempts to sense the unexpectedly unpredictable names of municipalities, especially those ending in “-cester” and “-borough”.

“Ah, what is this?” Says striker Otto Porter Jr. when challenged to take a slit in Gloucester. “Sister Glocks?”

The other players also missed the goal.

The guard said, “Glue… damn it… third.” Gary Payton II. “Me, no [know]. Additional missed attempts included “Glaw-kester” and “Glow-Sister”.

Of course, this kind of challenge wouldn’t be complete without including Scituate, a seaside town with a bewildering name that left Porter Jr. stunned.

“Oh, cool,” he said in the video montage. “This is a city?!”

Some players did not dare to try to unravel the mystery behind the syllables that make up the name of the town of South Shore, as one of the players simply laughed At the sight of it While Payton II called the word “suffocation.”

In one attempt, the player’s guess sounded like a catchy tune you might sing to yourself while cheerfully walking down the street: “Skit…skitoots. C…skate…skitoots.”

Players have also tried their hand at Billerica, Tyngsborough, Leicester, and perhaps the most unspeakable city, Worcester, often called “War-chester”. (To his credit, Porter Jr. has Tyngsborough, which the spelling checker doesn’t recognize as a single word.)

Although they are the home team’s rivals, some Celtics fans still give the Warriors some credit for their deceptive endeavours, particularly when it comes to a community known to be out of the towers.

“nailed it,” Police of Tewksbury He said in a tweet to the team after Some players say This is true on the first try.

The Warriors certainly aren’t the first group to call out Massachusetts for the unique spellings and pronunciations of many of its communities. In 2015, Buzzfeed released a video of people from other parts of the country trying to say that many of the same municipalities were featured in the team clip.

The series is now tied, 1-1, after the Celtics fell to the Warriors, 107-88, Sunday night. But now the Warriors must face the Celtics on their home grounds, as frantic fans salute them from Gloucester to Sitwat.

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