Hunter Green dominates batting 1 to win the Reds 7-0

It was all the Arizona Diamondbacks would face against Hunter Green on Monday night. The 22-year-old rookie was outstanding, scoring eight hits in 7 short runs, and a 7-0 over the Cincinnati Reds.

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Arizona Diamondbacks (26-30)
0 1 0
Cincinnati Reds (19-35) 7 12 0
W: Green (3-7) L: Baumgarner (2-5)
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Cincinnati didn’t wait long to get to the board. Brandon Drury produced a solo attack at home at the bottom of the first half to put the Reds 1-0 ahead. They were loading bases later in the inning after Joey Votto’s double, Tyler Stephenson walk, and hit court sent Kyle Farmer into pole position, but the flyball would cut through all three runners.

Alejo Lopez led the second half with a double and moved to third base on the ground. This turned the line up and Nick Seinz hit singles at Lopez to put him 2-0 up for the Reds. At the bottom of the fifth inning, Cincinnati staged a two-way rally that began with a Joey Photo walk. This was followed by Tyler Stevenson with a single to put the runners in the corner for left-handed killer Kyle Farmer who came in with a double hit to make it 4-0.

Just as it started to rain at the bottom of the seventh inning, Tyler Stevenson was coming up again with a hit mid-race. With Brandon Drury and Joey Foto in the first and second, Stevenson doubled down to the wall in the right center and both runners scored to extend Cincinnati’s lead to 6-0. Next, Stevenson scored from second place on Albert Almora Jr’s single as the rain started pouring down hard and the Reds climbed through the descent. Alejo Lopez followed it up with a single, but with Aristides Aquino on the board, the ground crew took to the field to try and beat the torrential rain that was happening. While it will take just over 43 minutes before the match is officially called final, anyone who can look at the radar knows the moment the tarp went onto the field that he didn’t resume play.


A single hit led the game for Arizona, but Dalton Farshaw and the Diamondbacks got greedy and tried to steal second base. It was a bad idea because the field was a three-stroke and Tyler Stevenson fired a laser at the second base bag to return Farshaw to the bunker for a double play.

That was the last time Arizona had a major player in the game. Greene dominated the Arizona squad for the next 6.1 innings as he walked nowhere, hit no one, and hit eight. He only threw 87 pitches – 54 of which were hits – but at the bottom of the seventh inning the skies opened over Great American Ball Park and the game was postponed due to rain.

Given that the forecast for the next 12 hours of rain has been called up, it probably didn’t matter that the ground crew was called into the field too late by the referees and could not put a tarp in the field before it was too heavy to be 100% . inferior. Eventually the ground crew will get a second piece of cloth, and use an advertising banner to cover the pitch.

The key moment of the game

We’re drifting a bit from the text here and calling it the moment Hunter Greene chose to try to let Daulton Varsho’s stride roll rather than try to enter and fire it on first base. Had he been able to deliver the play – something that was by no means guaranteed – he would have thrown a perfect short rain game.

Noteworthy notes

Joey Foto’s first first-half double from Madison Baumgarner was his 800th extra base hit of his career.

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Tyler Gilbert (0-2, 5.02 ERA) vs. Graham Ashcraft (2-0, 1.53 ERA)

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