Lakers to retain assistant coach Phil Handy, separately from most of Frank Vogel’s coaching staff, according to reports

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The Los Angeles Lakers, in the past, have struggled to give their coaches the independence in building their staff. Ty Lue turned down the job at least in part because of the input the Lakers wanted about the assistants he would hire, but so far, all indications are that Darvin Hamm was free to choose his vice-chairs. On Tuesday, we got the latest indication of that. according to ESPNAssistant coaches David Visdel, Mike Penberthy and John Lucas III have been informed that they will not be retained.

Interestingly, however, one notable Lakers lieutenant was not mentioned in Dave McMenamin’s report: development expert Phil Handy. Now we know the reason: according to Chris HaynesHandy accepted Hamm’s invitation to stay with the Lakers. The longtime assistant said in May that he feels ready to be a head coach, but was ultimately not even given an interview for a Lakers job. And according to Adrian Vojnarowski, Vogel’s former assistant, Quinton Crawford, will also be retained.

Visdel and Lucas were recently appointed to replace two departing assistants: Jason Kidd, who left the Lakers to become the head coach of the Dallas Mavericks, and Lionel Hollins, who did not extend his contract with the Lakers beyond the 2020-21 season. Penberthi was initially a shooting coach for the Lakers but was promoted to the front of the bench last season.

So far, the Just another well known filter To join Hamm is University of Memphis assistant and former Hamm teammate Rashid Wallace, though no deal is struck to bring him to Los Angeles. Reports have indicated that the Lakers would like to surround Hamm with some coaching experience, but it is not known who they are looking forward to. Reports so far indicate that Terry Stotts, the final candidate for the job that eventually passed to Hamm, is not interested in taking on an assistant position as a coach.

The Lakers devoted nearly two months to finding their head coach. This helped them make the right choice, but it also cost Hamm time building his staff. The sooner he assembles his assistants, the better for Los Angeles.

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